Interview Q’s for Hiring Customer Support Superstars

Customer Support Superstars
Good customer support is an essential part of every successful business. The kind of customer support you provide will determine whether your customers will come back to do business with you or simply move on to your competition. That is why it is vital that you make sure your customer support team is rich with qualified and experienced agents who can handle the job in any situation.

How can you make sure you hire the best customer support representatives? It is actually quite easy – all you have to do is ask the right questions when interviewing them for the job and the answers will be right before your eyes. Therefore, take a look at the interview questions you need to ask your customer support candidates so that you can hire the best resources.

1. Why Do You Love Customer Support?

This may seem like an irrelevant question, but it can actually reveal something important about your candidates. It can show whether or not they are passionate about working with customers and helping them out with their problems. It’s crucial for you to know that because, after all, they will be communicating with your customers every day and you need to make sure they will do a good job.

This may sound like a cliché but, if their eyes don’t light up when you bring up the question and they don’t show the slightest interest in wanting to help people, then they are definitely not the best candidates for the job. If they don’t like what they do, not only will they not invest themselves in resolving customer issues, but they will also eventually burn out.

2. How Would You Deal with an Irate Customer?

Customer support
After you break the ice with the first question, it’s time for some tougher ones. It goes without saying that customer support agents are bound to encounter irate and downright difficult customers, who may even threaten to take their business elsewhere. It is exactly in those instances when customer support agents show what they are made of and how they can resolve the issues.

Therefore, by asking this question, you will learn how your candidates would handle difficult people who may even push them to the limit and completely stress them out. Their answers will reveal whether or not they would stay calm under pressure and try and find the best solution to a particular problem. You certainly know that the key is to truly listen to people’s complaints, but you need to make sure your candidates share the same opinion.

3. Can You Give Me an Example of a Time When You Turned an Irate Customer into a Happy One?

This question is excellent for revealing who your customer support candidates are. Their answer will show you whether they are authentic or simply trying too hard to provide you with an ideal answer and tell you what you want to hear. Not only will it show you their experience, but it will also show whether or not they actually empathize with people whom they are trying to help.

If a candidate is really great at their job, they will not find this question difficult to answer. As a matter of fact, they might actually find it thrilling to share their experience with you and tell you all about how they were able to satisfy one or more customers after going to great lengths to meet their needs. Those are the people you need because they will be committed to their job and do everything in their power to provide outstanding customer support.

4. Have You Ever Made a Mistake in Your Job and How Did You Solve the Problem?

The answer to this question will give you a glimpse into the experience and work habits of your candidates. What’s more, it will show you whether or not they are competent to fix any problem they may encounter, as well as how they will approach any issue. Furthermore, it will show you the level of their integrity.

Everyone makes mistakes, but you need to know if your candidates are able to own up to their errors and, more importantly, fix them in order to gain your customers’ trust. After all, you need to protect the image of your company, and great customer support reps will help you do that.

5. How Would You Improve Customer Support to Make It an Enjoyable Experience?

How Would You Improve Customer Support to Make It an Enjoyable Experience
This question is important because your interviewer may have some very creative suggestions in mind when it comes to providing excellent customer support. Their response may reveal that their contribution to your company will be truly significant and that they may even take your customer support department to a whole new level.

Maybe they can provide you with a groundbreaking solution to satisfy every single person seeking help from you and, thus, retain them and inspire their loyalty. That is exactly the point of your customer support team, so make sure you hire creative people with an innovative approach to helping customers who will be a valuable addition to your company.


Hiring great customer support representatives is the key to making your business successful and it can help you gain a competitive edge. However, in order to help them do a great job, you should provide them with a good knowledge base solution that will help them with their training and organization.

After all, an efficient knowledge base will enable them to give instant answers to customers, reduce hold time and support tickets, curtail training time and costs, delivers fast resolutions and much more.

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