Important Tips for Hiring the Right App Developer

Whether or not you built your first computer when you were 7 or still think of Java as the best coffee, at some point, you will need an app developer. When that time comes, how will you know that you are hiring the right professional?

Fortunately, you don’t need to be fluent in a laundry list of languages to identify a skilled professional programmer. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you spot an excellent, reliable professional to handle your next app development project.

Learn the basics

Before hiring an app developer, consider the people who are likely to use your mobile app. Also, define your user base and conduct thorough research on the devices that your target audience uses. Do they own iPhones or Android devices? Do they often browse on desktops or tablets?

By zeroing in your expected user base, you can accurately target the right platforms these users engage with and also identify the right programming language to hire for. Using these details, you can easily find someone who has your desired level of expertise to bring your app development vision to life. Remember, you can use the programming language as a keyword when searching for a professional on LinkedIn, Upwork, Indeed, and other platforms.

Look for app developers interested in your business not just the money

A good developer should not only guide you through the entire mobile app development process but also offer creative input based on their experience with such projects. The reliable and professional developers know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to app development because they have worked with many clients on similar projects.

Seek experience

When hiring for any position, it’s wise to consider a candidate who has been handling similar projects before. While any mobile app developer must be capable of handling different tasks, you shouldn’t hire someone with no experience to create an app for you.

However, an app developer eager to learn is likely to perform better than someone fluent in an impressive number of development languages but can’t adapt to meet the dynamic needs of your company. All experienced and professional developers have an excellent grasp on varying programming languages. Ask them to share sample apps you can check to ascertain the quality of their work.

A professional app developer must have outstanding UI/UX skills. When assessing your prospects’ portfolios, keep a keen eye out for beautifully-designed apps with perfect user interfaces. Remember, over 60% of a mobile app is all about how easily the end user interacts with it.

Pick apart the developer’s node and analyze it. You can also request another developer (a professional you trust). Find out if the sample app’s code is properly noted, whether or not the app works properly and most importantly if it’s secure. These are the essential factors you should consider when evaluating any developer’s portfolio to see whether they have the necessary experience and can effectively handle your project.

Hire the professional, not the program

Fluency in a specific program can’t break or make your app or developer. Ensure that the professional you choose can mesh your team, just as you would when hiring for any other position. Remember, you will be collaborating with the developer who will create your app and thus, you need to get along.

To effectively vet for a good corporate culture fit, even for contractors or temporary workers, find out whether the interested candidates would feel comfortable sharing an appropriate meme to energize the team or talking via video hangout. During the interview, you can offer them a glimpse of your corporate culture and observe their reactions keenly.

Sometimes, it’s advisable to meet them outside your office in a more social setting to effectively evaluate the candidate’s personality. Make sure you can effectively communicate with the person you plan to hire. For instance, you can hire a professional developer from any part of the world, but it may be challenging to work with someone who doesn’t understand the English language.

Passion is an essential element of any reliable, professional developer. An avid mountain climber with an exceptional appetite for outdoor adventure is likely to create a better sports app that someone who loves knitting.

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