How to Escape the Grind of a 9-to-5 Job

Some people love their jobs, and others, not so much. If you are in a profession that emotionally fulfills you, then you win at life, but for most people, jobs are emotionally and physically taxing. These individuals only stick to their jobs to pay the bills and long for the day when they can be free. Your 9-to-5 job is probably not quite what you dreamed of doing when you were growing up. Short of a career change, what else can you do? If you hope to escape a mind-numbing job without compromising your financial freedom, there are actually several things you can do.

First, a Warning

It’s never advised to abruptly leave your job unless you can help it. There are bills to pay, and having gaps on your resume is often times undesirable for future employers. Above all, consider the status of your income. Even if you are single, being suddenly free of income is never a good idea, therefore, hang on to your job for a while longer until you have a considerable amount of savings. Your savings will allow you to quit your job without having to deal a major blow to your income. If you face an emergency after quitting your job, your savings account would have your back. This is what the financial gurus mean when they discuss an emergency fund, or a safety net. When you have at least some financial security, you can try the below to be free of the shackles of a boring job.

Try Freelancing Online

Earn money in the comfort of your own home by freelancing online. This type of job is not as secure as being employed full-time and often times doesn’t come with the cushy fringe benefits, but you can easily earn enough supplemental income to pay your monthly mortgage payments and health insurance premiums. There are plenty of sites that enable freelancers to find a job. Use one of these sites to find clients and earn on your own terms. Also, keep in mind that most employers who utilize contract workers are keeping an eye on your online reviews and recommendations, so look at every job as a potential reference for the next bit of work you receive.

Learn to Invest

Investing, if done right, could bring you incredible wealth. Thanks to the internet, investing is now more accessible than ever. There are so many ways you can find investment opportunities online utilizing easily accessible resources like the Finviz screener to find viable growth stocks. Either way, investing in anything is risky. Can your wallet handle the risk? If so, you can start investing with a small amount of capital like $1,000. Popular ways to invest money include the stock market, real estate, and index funds. While you can invest with as little as $50, all investments require serious research and risk assessment. Don’t confuse investing with gambling. The former requires strategy, while the latter relies on probability. Being successful as an investor doesn’t depend on mere chance alone. It relies on you making the right decisions based on available data. If you can master this art, you can become a full-time investor and quit your job for good. I believe that’s what they call the “American Dream”.


Blogging can be both emotionally and financially fulfilling. The best part of starting your own website is that the capital outlay is minimal, it’s more about an investment in your time than your money. $100 can buy you hosting and a domain for a year or longer. There aren’t many businesses out there that have such low barriers to entry. First, find a topic you are interested in, and launch your blog. Second, think about how to grow your audience and keep them engaged. It will take some time to attract subscribers, but the work will more than pay for itself. If you can blog really well, it could even become a full-time career. Monetizing a blog is quite easy and similar to earning passive income. The real challenge lies in making a blog successful. If you are sick of the monotony your work brings, consider one of the above mentioned jobs. You will be able to quit a bad career and also start earning money right away.

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