How to Be A Good Virtual Co-Worker

Virtual work is a liberating experience. You have the freedom to sit anywhere, wear anything, take breaks anytime to some extent. However, it comes with the challenge of cooperating with your colleagues in a way they feel you are actually with them.

The days before the coronavirus, we used to sit with our colleagues and have fun during our break times. This used to bond us together, creating a more coordinating environment in the office. But coronavirus is challenging in many situations. Amongst them is the situation of remote workers’ coordination.

It takes strong teamwork skills to build a remote team where people can rely on each other. Remote work is like long-distance relationships where you have to put in extra effort to achieve maximum productivity. Fortunately, you can play your part in being a good virtual co-worker.

“We believe that innovation is fueled in large part by the connection of our employees.” – Hayden Brown, CEO of Upwork.

This means that people can innovate new things when they better connect. The good news is that you can be a good virtual co-worker by following some of these tips and avoiding these mistakes.

Keep In Touch With Your Colleagues Daily

Try to get in touch with your colleague whether or not you have to contact your colleague for a work purpose or not. This way, you will know how they have been feeling and what they are up to. You should make a habit of checking in daily with your peers. Show your colleagues that you are there to help aid them with their work.

Understand Their Problems At Home

Remote workers are more vulnerable. Their colleagues can easily feel when something is problematic in their home or bothering them. Many people are forced to work in their homes while juggling between their children and household chores.

Try to be empathetic towards your peers and ask them how they are feeling. Try to ask about their family, kids, or other things in a professional way so you get to know a little about them.

Be Open

Be open with your colleagues so that they can ask you for help. Check on them every day. Ask your fellow employees for help so they know that you are open to help. This form of environment in remote work makes it easy for employees to connect.

Celebrate Events In A Creative Way

Celebration makes each other more vulnerable. While it can be hard to celebrate online, you can do a little cheer for your employees and make them feel better. There are some simple ideas that you can opt to celebrate with your virtual co-workers:

  • Organize a virtual meeting with a senior employee and celebrate the accomplishments made by the company.
  • Mail your employees a thank you note along with gifts for their efforts.
  • Ask your employee to have dinner with their family in a restaurant and the company will pay for it.
  • Play games online to create a fun environment.
  • You can also have virtual lunches and talk sessions.

It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect

It is okay to not be perfect. Give yourself and your employees some time to understand remote work and the technical things that come into play when working from home. Your employees are working from home, and it is common to have background noises and distractions.

Many employees may need to take the time to understand tools and software to better understand how to do meetings. Be patient and cooperate with them.

Write Short And Concise Emails

It was easy to ask someone for something by just walking through the building, and saying it in person. However, it may be hard to convey the same thing in an email remotely. Any carelessness or incorrect choice of words can derail your professional relationship.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to select the right words for emailing. Try to make your email short and concise. Avoid casual statements and include a call to action to tell your team what you need them to do.

Take Away

Being a respectful co-worker, especially during coronavirus is hard. It can be challenging to maintain your deadlines, as well as the morale of your team. Recognize the efforts your employees make for your company and be empathetic towards their conditions.

If you have any questions, please ask below!