How to Advance Your International Career with a Business Masters or MBA in the UK

QSCourseFinder-(1)Find out more about how you can benefit from a business masters or MBA in the UK and how it can help improve your international career perspectives.

There are many reasons why young professionals nowadays choose to study for their postgraduate programs. A career change and doing something different professionally - changing their industry, or function or location, the ability to work and live internationally, gain international knowledge and expertise from other regions or salaries increases, are some of the reasons stated by professionals nowadays that chose to study abroad. You can find below a few of the advantages of studying for a business Masters or an MBA in the UK, when it comes to career perspectives.

Top higher education institutions

There are top programs where to choose from, if you want to study in the UK and many of the institutions boast with top academics, high class study and research facilities and ties with the corporate world. Depending on your industry, you can select Masters Courses or MBA courses to suit your expertize or professional career objectives. For example, a Masters degree in finance, banking or international management can help you develop your skills in international business. When it comes to marketing and communications, not only you will have access to information regarding your fields, but you would get to learn from top professionals in the industry and practice in one of the renowned media or advertising agencies in the UK.

Access to top hiring companies

Many universities and business schools benefit from well prepared career centres and focus highly on post-graduation career opportunities - through connections with Alumni and hiring companies.

Just as a few examples, Cambridge Judge Business School has a Career Service helping MBAs and MFins after their graduation, as well as organises or collaborates on corporate events and networking. The career Development Centre at Westminster Business School, in the heart of London, gives hiring companies the opportunity to interact with current and graduate talents through free job listings, promotion of work placements and internships, career fairs, or skills sessions held by employers. At Manchester University Business School the recruiters are encouraged through various programmes to get in contact with talented, high calibre current students or graduates: for internships and various projects or full-time positions. Recruiters can also meet potential candidates on campus, through events like the ‘Careers Week' held at the end of January or company presentations throughout October-March.

International experience

The international experience, however, is one of the most cited reasons why young professionals choose to study a Masters or MBA abroad. You can benefit not only from the interaction with colleagues having different cultures and traditions, but also from business perspectives and approaches from all over the world and from various industries. An MBA class, for example, is a good mix of races as well as professional backgrounds. Campuses across the UK boast with students coming from places as varied as US & Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Russia, UAE, China, India, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and much more.

International professional network

During a program in the UK, your professional network will expand to include the colleagues from the program you are following, as well as other professionals you will get to meet during various occasions such as: seminaries and conferences, exhibitions and networking events. The opportunities are various, and it only takes the will to start searching for such occasions. Your network of contacts will become highly international.

How would your career prospects change after a degree in the UK?

Whether you want to return to your home country or stay and work in the United Kingdom, your career prospects are improved, by simply the fact that you also get to enlarge your professional network at an international level. As the job market competition is very high, a postgraduate degree in the UK, and especially London, which is one of the world's biggest business hubs, will improve your career prospects.

If you want to start your own business, there are programs focusing on entrepreneurship, leadership, team management or business skills. Institutions like Durham Business School, Manchester Business School, Imperial College, Henley Business School, Brunel Business School, Cardiff School of Management and many more feature masters programs with focus on entrepreneurship, such as: Executive Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship and International Business, Technology Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, where they cover modules like: Marketing, Strategic Management, Accounting and Finance Management, Entrepreneurial Change, Innovation, Outsourcing & Offshoring - important in setting up one's own business.

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