How Artificial Intelligence Revolutionized Job Hunting

Artificial intelligence have taken over pop culture for quite some time now. The more recent big and small screen themes both seem so far-fetched and probable at the same time. You may have seen films like Her where artificial intelligence absorbs and analyzes teens-robot-future-science-39349information about you, and then adapts a certain persona that eventually molds them into, well, your ideal friend. Or perhaps the massive hit TV show Westworld, where the distinction between a bot and you has become slim to none.

On a less extreme note, it’s quite evident how cutting-edge technology makes day-to-day life more efficient for humans. For instance, tasks that are considered daunting, tedious, and monotonous can now be managed with just a few taps on your smart device. Even better, you can simply tell your smart devices’ built-in bots like Siri, Bixby or Alexa what to do for you.

But perhaps one of the most revolutionary to date is the solution to the excruciating and painstaking process of job hunting.

Automates Search and Match

One of the frustrations in applying for a job is how much time and energy it consumes. What pexels-photo-52608if, instead of scouting for potential employers, a bot takes care of it for you?

Today’sartificial intelligence technology is so sophisticated that it now allows automated matching of profiles between a job seeker and an employer. With this system, a job seeker simply puts in all the necessary details in their profile. These details include such as credentials, skills, interests, preferred salary and location, and the like. While similarly, the employer keys in what their company is all about, the job requisition, and lay out all the qualifications that they are looking for in a candidate to join their team.

Using cognitive algorithms, the bot detects which data complements the other, as in matching job requirements to specific skill sets and qualifications, among other criteria. Over time, the bot also adapts and improves its algorithmic patterns.

This cuts down a huge chunk of time choosing from one job or employer prospect to another, skimming through information on thousands of search results. Not to mention, the frustration of not finding exactly what you are looking for. To put it simply, this innovation has made it possible to skip the actual “hunt” and just get notified when you have perfect match/es.

Skips the Redundant

Another frustration in applying for a job is having to send a personalized cover letter and resume to each employer. This is in addition to having to create a profile when searching for jobs online. Many of them might even require you to fill out forms, which pretty much entails having to put in the same information.

This technological innovation has lifted that huge weight off of the shoulders of job seekers. Once the bot identifies a match based on the candidates’ profiles, it by-passes the need to draft a new cover letter and send resumes; instead artificial intelligence in the hiring process goes straight to connecting only the qualified job seekers with a hiring manager to schedule an interview. This then saves the personalized information you would have had in your resume for when you actually get to meet the employer and/or members of the hiring team face-to-face.

More Transparency

Situations like discussing salary expectations or waiting for interview results, both reflect the excruciating, awkward and often left unspoken of the side of the job hunt.

With the said artificial intelligence development, the preferred salary of the job seeker and the pay rate that the employer is willing to offer, are already included in the profile creation. So the match process includes this as part of the criteria, skipping the need to negotiate or second-guess during the interview.

The system also lets you know if you have passed the interview or not, instead of having to wait and be left hanging if you did not make the cut. This eliminates the agony of waiting and then getting subsequently rejected for job seekers, and allows the employer to be transparent while easing up the rejection method.

The advancement in artificial intelligence is quite impressive. It is nothing but astounding and, at times, overwhelming. Although it makes you wonder whether it may one day, quite possibly, overtake human intelligence, it is undeniable that the only step further is to go above and beyond with hi-tech solutions. It makes perfect sense that if we can now search, acquire, and perform jobs online, then the hunting and hiring process should definitely not be left behind.

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