Home Office: 4 Ways to Stay Productive and Efficient

Some people organize their time better when working from home, whereas some need to get out of their house and work in an office to be truly productive. If you are the type that likes to work from a home office, or you simply have no other choice, then you need to learn how to stay productive and efficient during work hours.

If you don't have set work hours, determine them by yourself. Make a plan, and stick to it, so you don't end up working well into the night because you got up late or a new episode of your favorite TV show came out. As long as you deal with distractions, working from home can provide you with many advantages - it's easier to focus in an environment you can redecorate according to your taste and, as you are alone, you don't have anyone to put pressure on you.

So, let's look at some ground rules that will help you eliminate distractions and keep your productivity at optimal levels.

1. Work only in your office

People who work from their homes usually move with their laptop from one room to another, and it actually makes them unproductive and easily distracted. If you are one of those people, then you probably work a bit at the desk, then in the bed, and later you go and sit on your couch.

If you hate working in the same environment all the time, the solution isn't changing rooms, but redecorating your office. Also, maybe the position of your desk doesn't suit you, so you can reorganize your furniture

Make one room your home office, and work only from there. Decorate it and organize in a manner that will suit you and help make you more productive. If you hate your furniture, layout, the color of the walls or any other details, just change them.

2. Don't work in your pajamas


Working from home allows you to dress however you like, and people usually end up working in their pajamas or a bathrobe. The exception are people who have meetings in person, and not via video chats. It is OK to wear pajamas because they are comfortable, but there are a lot of other clothes that are comfortable, too.

People often think that working from home will make them more productive, as they don't have to wear formal clothes, and women don't need makeup. However, if you get used to looking like a mess and being overly casual during work hours, your work will be a mess too. We all have days when we cannot get up, and we just want to wander around the house in our underwear, and you actually can be productive during these days, but if it becomes a habit your productivity will drop significantly.

When you get up, drink some coffee, change your clothes and prepare for another work day. Try it out for some time, and you'll realize how your attitude and clothes can affect your productivity.

3. Eat healthy meals

The great advantage of working from home is that you can prepare healthy meals instead of eating fast food. Use this advantage and start eating healthy. Become a master chef and prepare different veggie meals, soups, smoothies and whatever you like.

Working from home usually means drinking coffee in the morning until lunch, when you just get the first thing you see in your fridge. Don't make this mistake, but consult a nutritionist and plan out your meals. If you have some health issues, you will need to include specific foods in your diet and say goodbye to others. There are specific diets to reduce blood pressure, keep your blood sugar levels stable if you have diabetes, and so on.

You plan your own time, so instead of scrolling social media during your break, make yourself a healthy meal.

4. Make a detailed schedule


The reason why it's so good to work from home is that you can take a break whenever you want without anyone supervising you. However, it doesn't mean you should just take a break whenever you see something shiny out of the corner of your eye, as you might end up working till 8 pm or even later.

Organize your work days, improve your time management, and when 5 pm comes, stop thinking about work and focus on other things such as exercising, going out with your friends or family, or pursuing your hobby.

Not everyone can work from home effectively, but you can always learn how to make the most of it. Eliminate distractions, organize yourself, and get healthy in order to stay productive and effective.

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