Finding a Profession in the Technology-Driven World

On one hand, the rise of the industrial revolution saw several jobs being created for both skilled and unskilled workers. However, the industrial revolution also saw several jobs and professions being destroyed. Machines took over manual labor and put thousands of employees out of work for a skill that they had either inherited or developed over the years.

Since machines did that work now, they had to take minimum-wage jobs to work in factories doing the same task but with machines, which rendered their skill futile.

The Industrial Revolution and Contemporary Times

But the trend of losing your job because of technology is not just restricted to the times of the industrial revolution. The threat of technology still looms over most professions today and people are always afraid of when machines might put them out of jobs. With most of the world already digitized and several technological innovations in place, there is no saying when this might happen.

But just like in the industrial revolution, people who have skill in the technological sector will find themselves standing at a corner of endless opportunities.

Technology and You – How To Not Lose Your Job?

Therefore, the sanest path to tread in face of this technological threat is to be friends with technology. This is true of every field that you can think about. Even fields such as security trading, which people thought depends solely on human intellect and involvement has been digitized.

But most stock exchanges around the world are now digitized and every broker sits on a computer software to finalize transactions and complete trades. In this scenario, organizations offer trading courses with tools such as the Gauntlet at Earn2Trade that gives you an opportunity to learn the essentials of trading with real time software so that you learn how to get things done with technology.

In addition, the Gauntlet opens avenues for future job prospects if you give in great performance during the evaluation phase of the project. This then is a complete package where you not only get knowledge in the technological realm, but also get paid for that knowledge.

Is Entrepreneurship a Way Out?

However, people often believe that such schemes are just another form of entrepreneurial venture and hence propose that starting and advancing their own venture rather than trying to make a career is the way out of the fear of losing your job to technology. As simple as that logic sounds, it is flawed.

Firstly, because the realm of entrepreneurship is far riskier than a simple profession. Statistics suggest that more than half of new business ventures do not even make it to their 4th year of business. Secondly, an entrepreneurial setup depends more heavily on technology than a conventional occupation. Not keeping up with technological trends of the industry will render the business uncompetitive before long. The result: a business failure before long.

Prospective Upcoming Technological Professions

Therefore, either you stay updated with the technological innovations in your field of occupation, or you find an occupation in the technological sector itself. Here are some of the most in demand jobs in the technological sector with no predictions of waning demand in-sight:

1. Software Engineer

A software engineer is one of the fastest growing professions in the world. It is the driver of jobs in the US and is predicted to grow at around 22% in the year up till 2026. This is well above the growth rates of any other profession. Moreover, being a software engineer often has no hard-lined rules of having a college degree and people are often self-taught.

2. Web Developers

With growing e commerce concentration and businesses looking to maintain an online presence the web development business is booming. Web development involves developing and maintaining websites for clients that are often businesses looking to reach a bigger audience. Moreover, since internet is such a vast field, web developers often have expertise in underlying professions which are professions in themselves and bring in business.

3. IT Consultant

IT Consultants are one of the most important professions for a business. They help and guide the business through all of their IT decisions making sure that the business values and revenues are not compromised, and the solutions are always the most efficient ones. They also pose IT solutions for business problems and get paid handsomely for their services.

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