Essential Skills for a Customer Centric Job

1Today, when companies are becoming more and more customer oriented, the career opportunities in customer-based jobs are also growing. Although, you do not need a super impressive qualification to opt for these jobs, excellent soft skills are a prerequisite here. So, if you are dreaming of a career in this industry, it is essential for you to hone the skill set required for it.

In the good old days, enrolling yourself in the employment exchange for government job was an essential part of job hunting. But, with the increasing number of educated employable work force, government jobs became scarce and college graduates turned toward national and multinational companies for employment opportunities. Today, the largest share of salaried employees draw their paycheques not from the government, but from the numerous national, multinational and private companies in India.

As the companies today are more service oriented, jobs dealing with customer service are growing very fast. The huge quantity of call centre jobs in Delhi alone proves the fact. While this job market does not require much in terms of academic qualifications, excellent communication skill, problem solving capabilities, patience, etc. are some of the skills that are absolutely essential.

So here are the essential skills you'll need to possess fora customer centric job:

1. Communication skills: In this industry communication skill is the basic requisite. A good hold on English and a local language is a must have skill that you need to develop if you are looking for a customer-centric job.

2. Listening skills: It is the most important aspect of communication in a customer centric industry. Be it telephonic communication in call centres or a face to face sales communication in a field job, listening to the person on the other side is extremely important to understand his requirements and concerns. Accordingly you can provide the solution.

3. Patience: This is one quality that is a must have if you are looking at a career in this industry. You'll have to handle many types of personalities and a significant number of complaints and requests each day. So, keeping your cool will definitely take you a long way.

4. Problem solving skills: In a customer centric job, you'll basically have to look into the problems your customers might face and offer them the solution in terms of products or services. Thus, most job adverts for field jobs in Delhi, mark problem solving as an essential quality.

5. Leadership qualities: This skill is necessary to grow in any industry. But, in a customer centric job where you require the customers to listen to you and follow your guidance, leadership quality becomes an indispensable skill.

6. Stress management: Now this is one skill that is of utmost importance here. As most customer centric jobs come with a huge pressure to meet the targets and satisfy the often agitated customers, managing your stress level is very important here.

Now that you know the six most essential skills that you need to make your mark in a customer centric job environment, all you need to do is to horn your skills and prepare yourself.

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