Do You Need More Employees? Assessing Your Business Growth and Expansion

As a business owner, one of your biggest responsibilities is managing various aspects of the business that you have created. That includes workforce management, or managing the employees that you need, to create a strong organization. There are times when a demand for employees might increase as the business grows, or as the organization becomes a more dynamic operation that requires additional support for various roles in the business.

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Employees are at the heart of any business. They have the opportunity to make or break your success, but that isn’t even entirely up to them. How successful your workers are depends on you– both your own motivation and drive, as well as the expectations that you set for them. You need to have clearly defined job roles and duties for your employees so that everyone knows what they should be doing at all times. Not having enough employees can put a strain on the relationship that you have. People will become overworked and feel unappreciated, and that is going to spell disaster for any business.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring:

A growing business is always going to need to hire as it goes along. Timing, however, is everything. If it's not the ideal time to hire, it might become more of a hassle than an improvement. In some cases, managers or owners simply hire people for the company and then ask questions later. This, however, also isn’t very effective. It's best to analyze your current business situation to determine productivity, conduct interviews with employees who may feel overworked, and decide when and how to hire more people.

Before you hire anyone for your business, you can ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you're making the right decision by hiring:

  • What kind of business do you want to have? If you want a bigger organization, you will have to set your sights on bigger goals, including hiring and retaining employees. Sometimes, a smaller business is actually a better plan because it's more manageable in size.

  • Are you suffering from business growth? Some companies that grow too quickly find themselves battling complaints, employee concerns, and other issues. If your organization has grown too quickly and you need additional assistance, it might be time to hire.

  • Do you need new skill-sets or increased knowledge regarding production? Your existing employees might be perfect, but there is a need for more knowledge and better skills in order to expand your organization.

  • Is your revenue over target? If you have gone beyond your profit goals, you will have a little extra money on your hands to invest. Do proper financial planning to invest in your business. If you project revenue to continue to increase, you might want to use that extra money to hire more employees. Also getting professional consultation for your business is a good option.

  • How are you growing? If your growth curve is becoming more obvious and consistent, it could point to a more permanent growth rather than a random trend. In that case, it would be helpful to hire more employees to handle the increasing business.

  • Do you really need the help or is there another way you can handle the additional tasks required in the organization? In some cases, you might be able to designate more to your current employees or take on tasks yourself. Especially at the executive level, you need to make sure that there’s truly a need for the position before you create and/or fill it.

There is a lot that goes into running a successful business. The knowledge that you have about business operations is going to be a large part of that. Rather than just hiring people as soon as you see a need, you should assess your situation and determine if hiring is the right move, as well as who you need to hire and when.

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