Careers for Graduates with a Degree in Nutrition

Graduating from one of the top degree programs in nutrition is an honorable achievement, but there is not much time to rejoice before it is time to look for a career. Studying nutrition is no walk in the park. It takes a strong memory to remember the details of specific foods, as well as how to prepare them. Careers in nutrition have been on the rise since Americans began to take a more active interest in eating healthy foods and exercising.apple-on-a-book

Hospital Nutritionist

Hospitals hire many nutrition graduates to work in their kitchens. These facilities rely on nutritionists to ensure that each patient is receiving a healthy meal within the lines of his or her dietary restrictions. Not only do hospital nutritionists prepare meals for patients, but they also build menus and offer choices whenever necessary. In some cases, the hospital nutritionist will meet with patients to discuss dietary needs. It is important for nutritionists in this career to have some knowledge of medication and health ailments, and how they will be affected by diet. Dealing with pushy and stubborn patients can be a pain, but many nutritionists find it rewarding that they are helping those who need it the most.

School Nutritionist

Any child with fond memories of the school lunch lady could tell you that public school nutritionists are doing important work. Not only are these employees feeding the children, but they are also ensuring that these meals are healthy. School nutritionists cannot simply feed children fatty and sugary foods with the hopes that the kids will receive a nutritional meal later on. In some unfortunate cases the healthiest meal a child will have all day is the lunch served at school. The school nutritionist often goes around to different classrooms teaching children about fats, calories, vitamins and cooking healthy meals. Most of all, the kids learn that it is possible to eat food that is both tasty and nutritious. Plus, there aren’t many jobs that offer the summers off.

There are many other institutions that require similar services that an educational nutritionist would provide. These include prisons, colleges and military establishments. Nutrition graduates will have the opportunity to choose which institution is right for their interests.

Food Production Professional

Companies that produce food want to ensure that their products meet codes and standards determined by the government. This is where a nutritionist comes in. He or she takes a look at the product to ensure it is up to par, occasionally calling for adjustments. The marketing team might also employ a nutritionist to provide assistance in advertising the product to consumers.

Government Careers

The federal government hires nutrition graduates to oversee food production in the United States. Applying for a job in this area can land recent graduates a spot on the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Education or other organization. This is a rewarding career, as it serves millions of Americans who rely on safe food.

Finding a career in nutrition is not as difficult when you know what career traits you find desirable. Looking at each of the available options is a great way to start moving in the right direction. For instance, graduates who are a bit chattier will enjoy the more hands-on careers and dealing directly with the community, while the more introverted will enjoy working behind the scenes.

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