Best Paying Jobs for New Graduates

careerFor a fresh graduate, there is a whole bunch of career paths to choose from. But in today's economy, it is better that you opt for a job career that is potentially more rewarding in terms of money. Here is a list of career jobs that have healthy starting salaries:


Nursing can be a brilliant career choice. There are healthy starting salaries and the demand for nursing professionals is expected to grow in the future as the healthcare increases and population ages. Based on the level of education and area of specialization, salaries of nurses vary so, it will better for you to go for a 4 year program and pick an area of specialization that is high in demand, if you want to earn big bucks in this field. And, it goes without saying that the profession of nursing is soul satisfying as well, where you help people heal and get better.

Investment Banking

Although due to the financial crunch, you don't see many investment bankers around, there is no doubt that investment banking can be a lucrative career choice. No doubt that the job pays very well; investment banking is not an easy job. It requires cooping with intense pressure and long working hours. So if you are passionate enough, Investment banking definitely means big bucks.

Web Designing

Almost all the companies rely on their websites for business promotion. The online existence has become so crucial for companies that they all have in-house web designing and web development teams. If you have good knowledge of the web designing, this career might be right for you. It is the job where creativity matters. So, if you are techie & creative, try making your portfolio and show it to the potential employer. Chances are, you will be getting a pretty healthy salary write from beginning.

Pharmaceutical Representative

Pharmaceutical representatives or drug reps make quite handsome amount of money. In addition, they generally get work perks company cars, company paid mobile phone bills etc. This is a pure sales job and requires excellent communication skills. Also, scientific knowledge like chemical composition of the products is required. So, if you are think you can be a good seller, you can earn quite good bucks in lieu of salary & commissions.


Engineering is an apparent choice for any graduate who is great at science & mathematics. There are tons of engineering branches to choose from, mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical etc. Salaries of engineers vary based on their field of engineering, types of field assignments etc.


Good lawyers are always in demand. There is a multitude of specializations you can pick from, and all of them pay well in monetary terms. You can be a civil lawyer, criminal lawyer, tax lawyer, copyright lawyer, corporate lawyer etc. Lawyers either have their own firms or work at other law firms. It is considered wise to work at a law firm to gain exposure first. Try joining a firm that has reputed names, this will help you in your future career.

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