Best Online Jobs Options for Trans People

engineering_jobThere is no denying that a lot of times, finding office-based jobs gets difficult for trans people. No matter how much we talk about our social progress, it’s true that there still are some homophobic people who make it tough for LGBTQ people to find regular jobs.

This is when online job options come to play. The internet doesn’t judge anyone based on sex and gender; rather, it offers equal opportunities to all. It lets trans people find online job options easily. Also, if they are determined enough, they can earn much more than others through various gigs on the internet.

Here are some of the best online job options for trans people:

1. Voice Over Artists

Trans people with great control over their voices can make an excellent fit for anyone who has to work as a voice-over artist!

Film and TV production companies are always on the lookout for voice-over artists. This is also true for radio shows. All one needs to do is to get in touch with them and have an audition.

The audition is a simple process in which the job seeker has to perform a small gig which will allow their employer to understand if they are a good fit for the job. If the audition goes well, it leads to the final hiring.

A voice-over artist can easily work from home. With the increasing number of people creating and uploading videos online, the demand for voice-over artists has also augmented. Hence, it’s a great online job opportunity that trans people should avail of.

2. Online Mentor

Online mentorship is also a remote job that is gaining a lot of popularity with time. Gone is the time when there was a need for a traditional classroom setup for the students to learn. Now everything happens virtually, be it teaching or learning.

A trans person with a professional degree can easily become an online mentor. The best thing about it is that he won’t have to move from one place to another to teach face-to-face in a classroom. Rather, he would do it online, from the screen of his laptop.

With more and more people shifting towards online learning, the scope of teaching has also gone wider. Any trans who has a professional degree and good teaching skills can easily turn into an online mentor and earn huge bucks through it.

To turn into an online mentor, the trans person can either join an online platform with a huge consumer base in the form of students or start their own independent learning portal.

3. Become a Model On OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a relatively new social media platform that works on a subscription basis but has recently gained a lot of popularity. It requires the users to post quality content, and those who want to view it pay for the subscriptions.

A lot of trans models have been able to fetch vast volumes of subscribers to their accounts, which has helped them make massive amounts of money. You would be amazed to know that some of the top trans onlyfans make millions of dollars online, only by posting amazing pictures and videos.

Compared to other online jobs, this one doesn’t really require you to have specific skills. A good camera and the ability to pose in front of it is all one needs to be famous on OnlyFans.

4. Inventory Manager

A trans person who is good with numbers can easily become an online inventory manager. Alongside this, this job requires one to know how to communicate between those sending the inventory and those receiving it.

Communication skills matter a lot in this job. As it requires one to foster strong relations between the working parties, there is a need to be clear in the discussions. Also, the inventory manager must be quick in action to ensure an efficient workflow.

Apart from managing communication, the manager has to ensure regular inventory auditing to certify the staff’s performance in their daily activities.

Inventory managers get paid well! Though it’s a job that requires one to be efficient and active at all times, it’s surely worth it. Also, as one gains experience in this job, the chances of getting much more in the future increase!

Infinite Earning Opportunities For Trans People

The Internet is surely magical, which offers unlimited options to those who are looking for them. Any trans person motivated enough to earn online can find ways to do so through online platforms. All they need to do is capitalize on their existing skill set, hone it, and then use it for their own benefit by applying to jobs that require those skills!

If you have any questions, please ask below!