8 Commons Mistakes US Business Make When Hiring

call-centre-service-providerHiring is not that easy! As a matter of fact, it’s rather back-breaking. What if the hire turns out to be bad news?
To help you eschew a notable loss of time, money, and resources, a list has been compiled of 8 Most Common Hiring Mistakes that bosses oftentimes make.

By avoiding the following listed hiring blunders you can hire the right persons with the right qualities for your company.

Mistake #1: Fishing for Experience

Companies ofttimes place too much emphasis on experience and while fishing for the experience they neglect the newbies. Experience is a common desire when hiring and is often looked upon as the “it factor” when deciding who to choose. But this mainstream road can be rather pricey. Often the twelve years of experience turns out to be iota.
The best thing about hiring fresh ones is that they always bring their stamina, passion, and innovation. Those experienced ones have usually lost it paddling through the lunatic ocean. They’re exhausted by now and your boat could definitely use some fresh pair of hands and muscle for rowing.

Mistake #2: Hiring Your Personality Twin

Never hire another you. Many businessmen make this grave mistake of hiring another version of themselves and in the end, they regret. It is in human nature to like people who we easily get on with. However, If you hire everyone like yourself, chances are you would end up creating an imbalanced and dysfunctional organization. You must remember that they have your strengths and attributes they must also share your limitations. You don’t want to create a basketball team with 5 shooting guards and no point guard, obviously, point guards are a must.

Mistake #3: Being Impressed by Academics

Academics are without a doubt very important when hiring, you have to understand that having a decorated degree does not necessarily define your applicant’s capabilities or their resilience.
People with an above-average intelligence level, often turn out to be lethargic fellows who know nothing of hard work. Whereas, an individual with a low or average level of intelligence is often seen to be hardworking and passionate. They make full use of their capabilities.
When hiring make sure you select the candidate who sounds passionate and seems flexible.

Mistake #4: You Talking Instead of Listening

Time is of the essence we all know that hence, we often hurry up with the interviews to fill the slots as soon as possible which ends up in a disaster. In that haste of hiring you to make a severe mistake of talking more and the candidate listening. Remember the candidate must do the talking more and you must make him talk more.
By asking the questions and letting the interviewees do more of the talking, you gain a clear insight into their behavior, attitude, and a potential for achievement.

Mistake #5: Reliance on the Interviews

It often happens the interviewees are great in the interviews and later on they just make you want to wail or dig their graves. Interviews are doubtlessly the best way of obtaining valuable information regarding your applicants yet even after asking a plethora of questions one can still be left with more questions than answers. Nevertheless, it is better to shoot them away at your applicant then regretting them later on. Ask your applicants questions aside from the job-related ones. Figure their nature out, learn about their character because these are the things that ofttimes remain hidden. You must probe, probe, and probe.

Mistake#6: Hiring Relatives

One of the biggest and gravest mistakes most businessmen make. The basic and most important rule is to never hire your relatives for your firm. They will disappoint you and use you as an excuse to disappoint you more. Besides you don’t want to bereft a good , capable and a hireworthy applicant.

Mistake#7: Hiring the Unenthusiastic

Hiring somebody with a glittery resume and zero enthusiasm is not a very bright idea. Why hire somebody who is far from motivated for your job? Ask them if it is their dream job. Ask them what they intend to do for your organization. These very questions will help shed some light on your applicant’s objectives and make it easier for you to hire the right candidate.

Mistake #8: Hijacking from Your Competitors

Hiring someone from an opponent firm doesn’t really make you smart. You think he or she will bring along some magic recipe to help your firm grow and prosper. But why would they leave the previous job? Ever thought about that? Don’t you think your competitors paid good salary? Or had added perks? People these days are full of surprises. You never know who is conspiring against who and by the time you realize it is just too late. Always do a background research.
Espionage is a strategy widely used when playing to be better and stronger.

Happy Hiring Folks!

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