7 Key Secrets to a Happier Workplace

It’s no secret that the employee engagement rate keeps on falling with the passing times. Consequently, it’s getting harder and harder for organizations to retain their workforce irrespective of the incentive baits that’re offered. The rabbit is just not interested in the dangling carrot anymore. There’s something else at play here. Something sinister and internal. I’ll put my bet on the ‘unhappiness’ factor, as multiples studies have already confirmed. For instance, Global Studies conducted a survey and found out that around 79% of individuals tend to leave their jobs if they’re not appreciated for their hard work. Such little things come together to create a large atmosphere of discontent which eats away at the heart of an organization, where the labor resides.

You could affirm this factor better than I can, if you’re trudging from a 9 to 5 job yourself, and are surrounded by a negative vibe in your workplace. Does it not dial down your productive potential and put a somber blanket of misery on you? Do you not get agitated and disheartened due to the poor work-life balance? Have you not considered quitting every time you sit at your desk, instead of pouring your heart and soul into the work? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will turn the tables around for you, and help you change your life for the better. Check out the following key pointers of expert advice for staying happier at your workplace that no one literally tells you about.

Tap into your True Motivation

Most of the Millennials and Gen Z-ers experience a sense of meaninglessness at their workplace, due to which they remain unhappy and unproductive. In short, they find it difficult to truly connect with the work, the environment, and the team. What you have to do is dive inwards and locate the real inspiration there. See what actually motivates you to come to work, and then magnify that. It could be anything from an exciting project to a future international trip. You have to understand what fulfillment and success in a workplace means for you, tap into it and energize yourself with it.

Invest in your Professional Persona

Everything springs from your perspective of the workplace, to be honest. How you view your job, your colleagues, and your role in the entire system can have a pronounced effect on the emotional energy you expend there. I would advise you to strictly divorce yourself from personal politics while on the job, and focus on developing your professional persona diligently. Attend educative seminars, actively take training sessions, divert yourself with new projects and responsibilities, and make that career of yours shine brighter than the best-cut diamond.

Broaden your Network

Aristotle once said that human beings are social animals. We have a herd mentality and flourish together as a group. That is why it is really important for you to build a vast network of friends, mentors, colleagues, advisers, and advocates, especially in a workplace. While it is crucial for you to distance from any sort of negativity by focusing on your professional development, it is also paramount that you surround yourself with people who lend positive energy to you. Staying isolated in a corner will not do anyone good. You need substantial connections to ensure a healthy attitude, while on the job.

Run an Activity-Audit

Any task could be a trigger point for unhappiness in the workplace. It is very important to understand it in order to undo it. How can you narrow it down? By making an inventory of all the activities which you usually undertake while on the job—work-related, chat-related, intentional or unintentional etc. Strictly oversee your mood changes and the subsequent catalysts which cause disruption. Try to avoid these at all costs by changing your routine, and let positivity flow right in.

Set Aside Some ‘You’ Time

You might have heard of the proverb, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Nothing could be truer than this in the workplace. Devoting too much time to work, fussing over tiny details and burning the midnight oil might get you success in the end, but at the expense of your health. The pent-up exhaustion, the sedentary lifestyle, and the tirades of stress are bound to put you in a bad mood. So, it is absolutely crucial that you take 10-15 minute breaks in between work to repair your energies. Listen to some music over Spotify, talk to your friends over the phone, do some meditational yoga via Headspace, walk around the office courtyard and breathe in some fresh air etc. The possibilities of ‘you’ time are endless. Utilize them to make your office a happier place.

Pin up your Accomplishments

Take the analogy of plants. If they’re kept in the dark for too long, they wilt away and lose their life juice. However, if they’re placed in the sun, they regain their vigor and keep on benefiting the environment. Similarly, if you remain underappreciated and unnoticed by your supervisors for too long, you tend to lose your productive potential and shrink into a standard mode of unhappiness. And, oftentimes than not, this is an unavoidable situation. How to counter it, then? By pinning up a board of your accomplishments so far, as a reminder of all the wonderful things you’ve done up till now and what you’re capable of doing in the future. Whenever you feel down, look at your board of dreams and feel a powerful boost of confidence.

Talk it out

Freud believed in the talking cure, and I believe that this is a great approach which can be implemented in workplaces to decrease the atmosphere of unhappiness. The idea is based on a one-to-one correspondence—a heartfelt conversation centered on concerns and supportive measures. I’d recommend you to take some time out and have a cathartic chat with your boss regarding the reasons bringing you down, and aim for a constructive solution which can allay your reservations and resurrect your productive potential.

In conclusion, if you wish to take advantage of your prime years and work out a successful career, then adopt the aforementioned pieces of advice to inculcate positivity and happiness in your place of job.

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