5 Solutions for Those Who Want to Work Online without Special Expertise

People advertising new and shifty get-rich-quick schemes say that earning money online without any skills is as easy as pie. Naysayers repeat that it is impossible. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. It is more than possible to earn money online, even without any special knowledge, but the money isn’t going to earn itself – you still have to apply an effort to do it. In this article, we will cover some solutions that can bring you money with minimal amount of training.

1. Matched Betting

Matched betting (or hedging) means that you bet both for and against a certain outcome, making sure you win something either way. It is often advertised as a completely risk-free and safe way of making money online – sometimes even as a way of building a real fortune this way. In reality, however, things aren’t that simple, and in normal circumstances your earnings will be either negligible or nonexistent. However, many betting sites offer free bets, which may be pretty high. By coupling a free bet with a real one, you eliminate the risk and make sure you win something no matter the outcome. Taking into account how many betting sites there are, you can repeat it for as long as you want.

2. Binary Options

Binary option is an option that works on a principle “everything or nothing”. In other words, the payoff is either a preliminary fixed amount of money or nothing at all. As a result, the overall result is either positive (equal to the difference between the option’s price and the payoff) or negative (equal to the option’s price). In reality, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds – to learn how to trade binary options you don’t have to study business or economics. You don’t have to invest a lot of money either, because there are many low minimum deposit binary options brokers to choose from. It is enough to find a reliable broker and a stable trading platform – the rest you can find out as you go along, and it is much more accessible than stock market or forex.

3. Paying Websites

Many online resources are willing to pay for rather trivial activities: taking surveys, shopping, taking photos and so on. UserTesting, for example, pays you to navigate a website for 15-20 minutes, SurveyClub pays for taking surveys and so on. You are unlikely to get rich this way, but these websites very rarely assign you tasks that require any sort of expertise. Thus, if you have some free time and nothing else to do, why not spend this time doing something useful?

4. Online Stock Market Trade

Services like eToro offer you a quick and easy entrance into the complicated world of stock exchange. And thanks to its CopyTrader feature you don’t even have to be any good at it to start earning money, as it allows you to copy the investments of professional top-performing traders. Just don’t dump all your money into it, and you will be alright. Set aside a limited capital, a couple hundred dollars, to dedicate it to trading, and see if you manage to get anything out of it.

5. Freelance Writing

Despite heavy emphasis on audio and video content lately, the Internet is still largely textual. Which means that somebody has to provide all this text – and you can do it without spending several years studying creative writing or journalism. Simply go to a website like Upwork and set up an account – you are certain to find somebody willing to pay for your writing.

Earning money online is neither impossible nor easy – it is just like any other work. The amount you get depends on the amount of applied time and effort.

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