3 Jobs For People Who Love to Drive

If you’d rather be behind the wheel of a vehicle than sitting at a desk, you aren’t alone. Approximately 5 million people nationwide earn their living from the seat of a vehicle. If the open road or the congested streets are calling your name, read on to see what job options are available.

Private Chauffeur

If you can land one of these jobs you can plan on earning around $65,000 per year. This, of course, depends on the location and demand for a private driver. If you live in a big city like New York, Chicago or LA you will likely be driving business executives or family members of the elite. This type of job requires professionalism, a clean driving record, experience and the ability to work odd hours. If the boss wants to go to an evening play downtown you may be circling the block for 2.5 hours when you’d rather be at home enjoying some downtime. If you can handle the hours and the “be at our beck and call” type of feeling this may be a job for you.

Delivery Drivers

To know them is to love them. The brown UPS truck or the white purple and orange Fed Ex truck are a welcome sight for most people. Deliveries can be like Christmas, any time of the year. UPS does a great job of compensating their drivers. Not only are the benefits great, but the pay is competitive as well. An average UPS driver can make close to $70,000 annually, and sometimes more. The UPS website goes into detail about what they require, but be prepared to prove you can drive a manual transmission, lift heavy boxes, and pass a physical exam. If you tend to have a lead foot or battle a little road rage you may want to look elsewhere. While UPS is well known for its speed, it also wants drivers to be efficient and safe. UPS manages its fleet closely using vehicle fleet management software that can monitor GPS location, geofencing, speed, maintenance, and driver behavior. If you’re uncomfortable with that type of “Big Brother” monitoring, driving your own vehicle may be more your speed.

Uber and Lyft Drivers

If you’d rather fly by the seat of your pants in your own mode of transportation, and have the ultimate in freedom and flexibility, you may want to consider driving for a ride-sharing company like Uber or Lyft. While you may not be able to have this position as your sole source of income, it isn’t a bad side gig if you’ve got the time and the right vehicle. In New York in 2014, Uber reported it’s drivers made an average of $25 an hour. Not bad for a job that allows for total autonomy. If you go this route, be aware that things aren’t always pretty on your drives. You may deal with angry or demanding customers, intoxicated customers, or just plain annoying customers. If you think you will just pop in some earbuds and be on your way, think again. Reviews are your lifeline. If customers see you as unfriendly your rating will take a hit and fewer people will want to ride with you.

What to Know before Your Job Interview

There are numerous ways to make money while you drive. Do a little research and find the right fit for you.

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