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Choose an App Developer For Your Business

eco thinkingThere are hundreds of individuals and companies working in the app development area and understatedly so, the world of apps is big business. Apple's App Store pushed over the 40bn download mark a few months ago and Google's Play Store continues to notch up the billions of downloads too.

For businesses, apps offer a very functional and practical way to get a message across to consumers in an exciting and engaging manner. Apps allow companies to think up a vision and then hire a developer to bring it to reality. However, as easy as this seems; hiring a top end developer can be an issue - so, how do you choose a developer for your app?


Some developers will specialise in specific app development and will work with certain platforms. The two current most common platforms are IOS and Android and you should choose a developer to fit in with your requirements and who can competently and confidently work with either one or the other. However, though it may be enough for them to tell you that they can work with one or the other - ask to see proof of some of their past success and ask for a portfolio of work.


The world of apps is a lucrative one and is a place that all sorts of people hoping for a fast buck have entered. Ask the developer in question how long they have been involved in writing apps and also how long they have been involved in development. If it's a team, ask how long the developer you will be potentially dealing with has been in this line of work.

Who will Deal with You?

Ask who you will be dealing with. Some companies may be small and others may be large, so asking who you are dealing with will ensure that you know your first port of call if you have a query. Some businesses have dedicated managers, others allow you to deal with the developer - ask first to save issues later.

Not Just Development

The best apps are not just functional or beautiful - they will add value to your business and make it stand out. Great app developers and programmers will know what to add to your app to give it the x-factor. An app is greater than the sum of its parts, meaning it's not all about coding and design - but more than those parts together.

A Vision

You may have a vision and when you tell the developer they may have a vision - it doesn't mean it's the same vision. Before you develop the app, make sure that the details are on paper and all parties agree on them. You'd be surprised at the number of apps where the message gets lost in translation. Simply, would you buy shoes without seeing them first, let alone trying them on? No!


All apps get bugs and anyone who says that their apps never do is lying. Before signing anything, ask if there is a warranty to cover bugs issues within a period. There should be as nearly all apps worth their salt will have some issues. If there is no warranty, be dubious of doing business.

Apps offer a great way for businesses to branch out, create something different and represent their brand in the best possible way. Just follow our tips to choose a developer and you're a long way to success.

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