Tips to Evaluating a TESOL Training School

practicum-tefl-certification-chicago-7You have finally given in to the fact that TESOL programs offer many benefits when it comes to your career prospects and seeing more of the world. Just being an English teacher no longer whets your appetite and you feel the need to progress to the next step on that ladder of your career. The next step for English teachers is usually to go down the TESOL route and become a certified teacher that can help others learn English as a second language. To do this, you will need to take part in a course as an approved training school, either online or offline.

Yet, like most things that are Internet based it can be difficult to find the right course, and more importantly filter out the legitimate schools from the not so legitimate schools.

If you are looking to take the next steps in becoming a qualified TESOL teachers then we have put together some things that you ought to know before you jump right in and sign-up. So grab yourself a mug of coffee and get reading…

TESOL Prices

Firstly we wanted to draw your attention to the prices of a TESOL online certification course, these usually vary in terms of the course you are going to take but if you are looking to complete a 120 hour course certification (which is the hours required by most employers) then you are going to look at paying in the region of $1,600-$2,000 dollars in total.

Courses do start from as little as $200 but to reach that hourly training target you need to look at the bigger picture.

Guaranteed Job Placement?

The second thing is whether the course you are going to take can offer you a job placement at the end of successfully completing it. It's one thing to pay $2,000 towards a course that is destined to get you to bigger things, but another when you can't actually gain employment right after.

Check each course provider to see if they can either get you're a job after completing this course, or at very least offer something such as free lifetime job search guidance in order to steer you into that dream job.

Be careful as some schools will offer job search guidance but they will come at additional charges, likewise, make sure that the job search guidance is done by a real person and isn't just some automated service that sends you a few details by email.

Who is Teaching You?

You want to be taught by someone who knows the English language like the back of their hand, someone who has passed everything there is to pass. Therefore take some time to look at the qualifications of your tutor and make sure they have plenty of experience behind them as well. If you are paying a lot of money for a course, you want the best.

Is The Course Accredited?

The main accrediting bodies are TQUK, CELTA, ACCET and Trinity, but you need to be aware that fake sites that are just after your money will setup their own fake accrediting bodies to make it look as realistic as possible.

How Much Training do I Need?

Employers tend to look at those that have training hours between 100 and 120 hours under their belt, anything less than this and you might as well keep going until you have reached the end goal otherwise its pointless spending all that money.

Usually you will also need a minimum of 6 hours practical teaching, but you can achieve up to 20 hours if you want.

Fewer than 100 hours and you won't get a certificate.

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