The Benefits of a Welding Certification or Degree

welderAchieving your welding certification or otherwise furthering your welding education can make a big difference in the type of job you can get and the quality of life you and your family can have. Employers are known to hire educated individuals for their welding needs because those employees typically do a better job. With the wide range of pay scales available, your welding certification or degree can be very important to your financial success.

Job Security
It has been projected that the need for welders is going to grow dramatically over the next ten years. This profession is utilized in a number of manufacturing processes in many different industries. While the basic skills of welding are pretty straightforward, the level of education you can achieve varies. The higher the education, the better the job security.

Basic Certification
Taking much less time than completing an associate’s program or a bachelor’s program, a basic welding certification helps you get right into the field. Even if you pursue more education later on, you’ll already have your foot in the door. More training will result in a better position and better pay.

Advanced Training
According toLincoln Electric, in addition to getting a better position in the welding field and making more money, degrees related to the welding industry will lead to a brighter future doing what you love to do. You learn not only the basic welding techniques but also about different tools, advancements in the industry, the business side of things, and so on.

The benefits that come along with a job are very important, especially if you are supporting a family. Better experience and formal training and education will lead to much better jobs that offer lucrative benefits packages. These can include health insurance, dental insurance, and a 401k plan.

Welding is not only a profession—it is also a craft. You can learn a lot in the classroom, but so much can be learned from working in the field and learning from others that have more experience than you. Getting to work with some of the latest and greatest technology can be thrilling and challenging. Whether you opt for a basic welding certification or something more advanced, like an associate’s degree or occupational studies, the job opportunities are vast. Having formal training on your resume exudes professionalism and experience—something all employers look for. Your education proves that you know what you’re doing. You’ll have the opportunity to create a reputation in the welding market once you find a job that is a good fit for your life and your career path.

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