How to Get an ISO 9001 Standard Certification?

Companies all over the world work hard to change their working techniques and quality of products and services to match the standards that have been set to get ISO certified. This certification is extremely important in furthering their business cause and making them a known company in the global market. Time and again this certification has taken various business organizations and ventures to new height which is why more and more companies are vying to get a standard certification.


Most people do not how they can get their company ISO 9001 Standard certified. Here is an overview of the process:

1. Decide to Get a Certification: This is an important decision and all the members of the top management should be in agreement with this decision as this process needs a committed effort from all the members of the organization.

2. Appointing an Experienced Person for this Process: Getting your company certified is actually like a full-fledged project which is why one should appoint an experienced person who would look after all the internal processes required to get the certification. The company should allocate a budget for this process and should decide whether to hire a consultant to take care of the project or to appoint a person from within the organization.

3. Analyze your Business: In order to get the company certified, some standards have to be met which are specified by the Official Distributor of Standards. Analyze where your company stands in comparison to this standard and what you need to do to achieve the specifications. This analysis would help you in developing a plan to make sure that your company works towards meeting these standards.

4. Develop a Plan: Once you have the results of the analysis, the top management and the person appointed to handle the project should chalk out a plan as to what changes should be made so that the company meets all the standards in order to get the certification.

5. Implementing the Plan: Now is the time, to implement the plan and work towards making the company reach the required standard. It is important that the company, its working and its products are continuously analyzed to make sure that the plan has been implemented correctly. Also the top management can revise and improve the plan to meet the standard specifications.

6. Internal Auditing: Once the company seems to have achieved the standard, an internal audit should be carried out to make sure that the company is actually ready for the certification. In case of discrepancies, the top management should encourage the employees till the required standard is met.

7. Choosing a Certifier: The top management should choose an Official Distributor of Standards and invite them to come and conduct an audit. The auditor would come and check whether all the norms required for the certification are followed by the company.

8. Certification: If the auditor is satisfied with the audit results, the company is granted the ISO 9001 Standard certification and is added to the register of the organizations all over the world with this certification.
So, by following certain rules and specifications and working in an organized manner, business owners can get their companies ISO certified.

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