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Project Management

The importance of project management as a vital part of the business process has gone up in recent years. To cope up with the changing business environment, companies are becoming increasingly dependent on skilled project managers to create and execute project goals within the committed period, meeting client expectations. If you are aspiring for a high management position, in the long run, then there you should consider acquiring PMP certification. Here are some plus points of acquiring such a certification:-

Better career growth prospects

A certificate in project management can help you create a positive image in the mind of recruiters. At present, most MNCs prefer hiring project managers with PMP certification. So, once you acquire a certificate in project management, you can have a high chance of acquiring a job with a top-notch organization.

You can grow your network with other professionals possessing the same certification and come across lucrative job opportunities that are available in other organizations. A candidate for project management certification exam has to undergo five years(7500 hours) of experience in case he has an associate degree. So, you can gain good exposure in the process of acquiring such a professional certification.

Possibility to earn higher salary

Experience and knowledge are vital factors that most recruiters look for in a candidate for the project manager profile. However, having a project management certification can help you earn a higher salary as compared to your peers who do not possess such certification. Large sized companies usually pay a higher salary to certified project managers as compared to those who don't. A PMP certification shows your knowledge in the domain of project management.

Greater possibility to acquire new clients

A project management certification course from a reputed institute will make a big difference whether a client would meet you or not. The latter would always give precedence to a certified professional who has sound knowledge of the latest trends in project management as compared to others.

A PMP certification shows your commitment to the profession

A project manager who has spent a significant amount of time in attaining a professional certification in project management is likely to have a deep interest in project management as a profession. Even if you don't plan to work as a project manager for a lifetime, such a certification will help you to move up the professional ladder in a shorter time span as compared to your colleagues.

Ample opportunity to develop managerial skills

Once you acquire a certificate in project management, you will get sufficient opportunities to develop, execute and oversee the completion of all business goals as per client expectations. In course of time, your people management skills will be enhanced, and you will be entrusted with the opportunity to handle complex projects.

Worldwide recognition

Managers with project management certification are globally recognized. This is a major plus point for an organization hiring them as they can work on projects from any part of the world. So, once you gain such a certification you can work on projects for companies not just based in the US, but other parts of the world as well.

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