Five Misconceptions about the CCIE Certification

The Cisco CCIE certification has long been highly respected and considered as the equivalent doctorate in the networking expertise. The CCIE certification is an expert-level technical certification and is highly recommended for students with three to five years of the Cisco networking experience.

Due to the difficulty of the level of the exam, there have been some misconceptions about CCIE certification. This article lists five common misconceptions about the CCIE certification.

1.It is impossible to pass the CCIE laboratory examination

It would be foolish for many people to simply assume that they cannot pass the lab exam if they fail in their first attempt at it. The fact that many students are still passing the CCIE laboratory examinations in examination centers around the world every day is with the good provability of this. This misconception stems from rumors spread by students who have failed laboratory exams and have given up on CCIE certification. For these candidates, they just wish there were more losers with them.

If you want to avoid making mistakes on the CCIE laboratory examination, you need to finish a lot of preparation work. You need to create a study plan, work out the study process, find a strong examination strategy, and manage your time effectively.

2. CCIE certification is no longer valuable

This is another stupid argument. It is right that there are many IT professionals with CCIE certification, but it doesn’t mean that the value of certification is diminishing. In fact, its value is increasing! Obtaining a CCIE Routing and Switching certification will help you prepare for the job whose skills are required for these positions: Senior Network Engineer, Network Engineer, Network Architect, Solution Architect, Senior Systems Engineer, and IT Manager. Have you noticed that all of these job titles contain the words like the “senior” or “manager”?

Another indicator of the value of CCIE certification in the IT industry is the high salary that IT professionals with CCIE certification can earn in the workplace. According to the data of the PayScale.com, an employee with a CCIE Routing and Switching certification can earn an average annual salary from the USD 60,048 to USD 168,860, depending on his or her experience.

3.There are shortcuts to passing the CCIE.

There is no common way for everyone to study and succeed in the CCIE lab. Don’t believe anyone who tells you there is a certain best way to pass an exam. Learning to prepare for the CCIE certification exam varies from person to person. Some students may prefer to learn through textbooks; Others may prefer to use video training, or a combination of textbooks and videos. It is up to each student to decide the style of learning and training which is best for them.

It is strongly recommended that all CCIE certified students participate in as many hands-on experiments as possible. So do not be afraid to the experiments. And consider using a network simulation platform like Cisco VIRL.

4. The CCIE examiner may be like a devil.

This may be another big rumor spread by those who failed the exam. To be honest, the examiner plays the role of helping the examinee in the examination room, not only in the event of equipment failure but also in preventing cheating in the exam. In fact, no one likes cheaters, and cheaters can spoil the atmosphere of the entire certification process.

5. If you want to pursue CCIE certification, you will lose your life.

It is right for most regular test takers. It may take you 500 to 700 hours of practice to improve your chances of passing the CCIE laboratory exam. But to get CCIE certification, nothing can stop you, even your work, friends, or family gatherings. It’s important for you to create a study schedule that is suitable for you and includes some rewarding time to encourage you to complete your practicing goals, such as a trip to a movie, a vacation, or a trip to the ice cream shop.

Getting CCIE certification can be challenging, but don’t need to be afraid. Hopefully we have cleared up five common misconceptions surrounding the CCIE certification. If you’re considering getting certified as soon as possible, please don’t be tied down by the misconceptions surrounding it.

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