5 Best-paying Certifications in 2020

Being certified never goes out of style, and not even in 2020. Appearing in exams and being a successful candidate is something we all aim at, but before that, which certifications should we apply at? Yes, your interests and field of study matter, and also, one more thing that matters is what would you earn with that? The amount needs to be worth it. So below, we have rounded up a list of the best paying certifications you can aim at.

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Once certified, this certificate will be a symbol of your expertise in the field of AWS, mainly in designing and deploying scalable systems. What makes it a must in our list, and one of the best paying certificates is its need in the market. In fact, if you were reading this list a few years back, you would have still found this, because demand has only increased in those years.

If we trace down the path of you getting certified, the first step would be to get hands down firsthand experience with AWS. At least for six to eight months. Also, candidates appearing for this exam will have to address quite a few topics. Ranging from designing on AWS, selection of the appropriate or most suited AWS depending on the situation, and more.

  1. AWS Certified Developer

Having this certificate means validating that you have technical expertise in maintaining and developing applications on AWS. How it is different from the previous certification is that it established the ability to design the solution as a certified solutions architect. A successful candidate would demonstrate his ability to efficiently use AWS SDKs with services from within applications, and also writing codes that optimize AWS application performance.

This certificate is one of the best paying certificates for two years now. And this is because, organizations have been developing cloud-based services, and candidates with this certification help them to stay competitive. It is not needed, although it is recommended to have firsthand experience with one or more programming language before you enroll yourself.

  1. Citrix Certified Associate Virtualization

Managing, maintaining, monitoring, and troubleshooting are the key areas that this certification aims at. This is an entry-level certification for Citrix and is designed for desktop and application administrators, and for the technical support staff, that support the users. It is no brainer that having this certificate would give a boost to your salary and is a very good option to move ahead in your career.

Like we said, it is for the application administrators and support staff, so hand-on experience of these roles would be enough for you to pass the exam. Also, the number of this certificate holder is elusive, so the demand is fairly high in comparison to supply.

  1. CompTIA Security+

As the name suggests, this exam would focus on the security aspect of an organization. Mainly, the foundational security topics include data, host, physical, network, operational, and application security. Candidates are expected to understand encryption, access control, and hardening and secure software developments, and more, are few things they need to learn among more things.

Although many organizations consider this certification as the minimum level of certification required to validate your skills in this field, it takes nothing away from the salary or returns you will earn after having this in your kitty. Although a basic exam, do not think that you will easily skim through the exam. Like we said for the previous exams, having on the job experience is our most recommended tip to you. Two years would be enough. Also, the following certification (which we will talk about next) is also recommended.

  1. CompTIA Network+

For all the networking help desk technicians, infrastructure installers, junior network technicians, and entry-level networking are the key areas where this exam focuses on. Like the previous certification, this also focuses on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of networks, but unlike above, it also includes Ethernet and wireless. Candidates to note that they will also be tested on the protocols of LAN and WAN, and on the importance of network security.

Successful candidates would validate their foundational knowledge on all of the network infrastructure and network protocols. Candidates who even want to move ahead in their careers see this certification as a stepping stone for further vendor-specific certifications. You see, this certification overall tests your skill set in the IT industry. Again, on the job experience, it is something one cannot avoid, you also need to eye on requisite information that is needed to cover all the exam objectives.

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So with this, we come to an end to our article. In our careers, we all aim to move ahead, slowly but steadily. Obtaining these certificates would bring you one step closer to this. Yes, they are difficult to obtain, but you would not get high returns if they weren’t difficult to obtain.

If you have any questions, please ask below!