Why Do People Go For Essay Writing Services?

ewWhat are the top reasons driving students towards choosing essay writing services? Check out the article to find out. You will be stunned and astonished!

Why Students Hire Essay Writers, Really?

Why do people hire essay writers? Because people are lazy by nature! We don’t like to do anything troublesome if it can be avoided. There is no shame in laziness. It’s just how nature made us.

But what if I told you that it’s that very laziness that pushed us forwards a species? A monkey did not feel like climbing a tree for a banana so she took a stick. That monkey became smarter by making her own life easier.

Laziness, as you can see, is not a sin. It does not damage our productivity, but rather enhances it. We have more time and energy on our hands once something troublesome is avoided. That’s why college essay editing services are all the rage today!

What makes a task dull?

If a particular chore is either repetitive or pointless, it becomes dull, troublesome, obsolete even. We were tired of walking around so we invented transport. Nobody’s calling a ride in a corvette “lazy” today. We were tired of moving boxes around so we invented robots. Nobody’s calling Amazon “lazy” for it.

O you see where I’m headed here? The chore of writing an essay is both repetitive and pointless. A smart, self-aware human being will be lazy enough to avoid it by nature. More on that note – you will be on the right side, a winning side once you choose to avoid an obnoxious job, regardless of any other argument.

But what’s wrong with writing an essay?

What makes an essay so bad? It is, after all, a decent exercise to express your emotions, show what you’ve learned. Writing teaches people to master their words (a skill that’s absolutely necessary for everyone).

Well, writing an essay would be a great activity if it had done all that. But, in reality, it doesn’t. An essay is absolutely useless today. Here’s why!

  • Writing teaches you to express emotions? No it does not. There are common, pre-set standards, templates if you will. Everyone is hammered inside these fictional walls to resonate with the crowd, not stand out of it. Expressing feelings is an artistic act. How can there be a pre-set length of art measured by words and not value? What does the spacing between the lines have to do with one’s feelings?
  • Writing allows you to show what you’ve learned? No it doesn’t! You are expected to write about whatever your teacher told you regardless of your personal beliefs in the best case. At worse – you will be assigned with an essay topic that’s plain dumb. Do they really expect you don’t know that texting while driving is bad? Moreover, will writing 1.500 words about it change anything?
  • Writing teaches you to use words? Like hell it does! You will learn more about appropriate communication and the power of social influence on a party or at Facebook, at least those are the places where people are not afraid to express their own beliefs. There won’t be a professor reading and grading them afterwards!

What’s my bottom line? It is wise of a smart person to be lazy about irrelevant, troublesome chores that don’t deliver any potential value. Investing time and resources into an essay is pointless. So why bother? Be lazy!

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