Which takeaway dishes are gaining more popularity?

Takeaway dishes are for those who would like to get something to eat on the go or don’t have enough time to cook at home. These dishes can definitely compete with restaurant meals. What is the most popular takeaway dish today? More in the article.

The most commonly ordered takeaway dishes

Until not too long ago, around five years, pizza was the takeaway dish of choice for most people. Who doesn’t like a slice of pizza with a group of friends? However, to feed a larger group of people, we would need to order a huge pizza. Recently pizza has been dethroned from the leader position by deep-fried, crispy chicken. What does this mean? Which chicken appetizers and main dishes do we like? The answer is all those dishes with golden- brown, crispy chicken that is so hard to resist.

It turns out people order takeaway dishes based on the fact that they are coated in crispy fried batter. Restaurant menus offer us burgers and vegetables, sauces, and exquisite flavors. Buckets full of crispy chicken strips have become hugely popular. Salads, nachos, and novelties such as chicken waffles, the deep-fried chicken on Belgian toast, are the new original dishes that are surprisingly delicious.

It isn’t at all surprising that people are interested in these dishes because marinated meat covered in crispy coating melts in the mouth, looks lovely, and reigns supreme, especially when compared with a simple sandwich. Served with fries and a soda, and you’re on your way to the tastiest treat of the day.

Colorful tortillas

Crispy fried chicken wrapped in tortillas have become a hit in restaurants such as Chilli Mili. The clients are delighted with the taste of the coating, its crunchiness, and golden-brown flakes. Along with a colorful addition of vegetables, these tortillas are very appealing. The crunchy chicken strips accompanied by bacon, red or white onion, tomato, green or pickled cucumber, yellow cheese, spicy salsa, or mayonnaise inside of a fresh wheat tortilla, form a little taste of heaven for just about anyone out there. It is this beautiful composition of flavors that makes us keep coming back whenever we have a taste for something unique. Like a true piñata of flavors, chicken tortillas are sure to satisfy fully.

Chicken in a bucket

Chicken buckets are usually filled with up to a couple dozen of deep-fried chicken strips or wings. They can be served with different sauces like garlic, cheese, Firecracker (extra spicy), or simple ketchup and mayo.

The secret ingredient of the crispy chicken is, of course, the batter that, when fried, gives it the golden-brown color and the crunchy, delicate texture with every bite.

A burger- the king

The burger is probably the most valued among consumers. It looks impressive on a plate, served with beautiful, colorful, and juicy vegetables. It is a dish served both as eat-in and takeaway. We can guarantee that a burger with crispy strips inside tastes tremendously.

Deep-fried chicken dishes have become popular, and their preparation doesn’t require a lot of time. Thanks to the availability of ready products such as marinades and batters serving delicious, high-quality deep-fried chicken is a reality. These delightful chicken pieces, hot and fresh, along with beautiful fresh veggies, is the key to success in the restaurant business.

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