Want to Get into the Wedding Industry? Here are Some of the Best Options

There’s something romantic about weddings. Whether it be your own, you’re in the wedding party, or you’re providing a wedding service, the romance and beauty are hard to resist. If you love weddings and have a passion for romance, starting a business in the wedding industry is a great way to go. Even if you’re not a hopeless romantic, there’s still good reason to start a wedding-related business—it is a $50 billion-dollar industry.

There’s a lot more to weddings than the wedding dress and catering—there’s music, venues, decorations, and so much more. With everything that goes into planning and executing a wedding, there’s a lot of room in the space for romance-loving entrepreneurs to step in and help couples get hitched without a hitch. Being such a large industry, it’s a space full of opportunity and promise and, with a little bit of digital marketing and some quality services, you can grow a thriving business in almost no time.

Here are some of the best options for businesses you can start that will help you get into the wedding industry:

Wedding Planning

As you probably well know, there’s a lot that goes into a wedding, and it can be difficult to plan and execute it all alone. That’s why a lot of couples will hire wedding planners to help come up with ideas and then take care of the logistics so that they can focus on their relationship and taking care of their action items without becoming too stressed or overwhelmed. If you love to plan events, love organization, and want to help couples plan their big day, starting your own wedding planning business might be the perfect way to go. You can intern for an existing wedding planner and take some courses if you don’t feel ready, or you can jump right in and bring on your first client.


It’s rare to find a dress or tux on the rack that fits without needing any alterations. Many brides will need their dress hemmed or may need the waist brought in. Some may even want to add sleeves or another personal touch to their dress. Likewise, grooms will often need their tuxes adjusted as well to ensure that the pant legs hit at the right length and fit as comfortably as possible. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, then starting an alterations business is a great way to get involved in the wedding industry and help make couples’ big days perfect.


Photographers and videographers capture the big day in a way and from a perspective that nobody else can. Not only that, but they capture memories in a visual way that can be stored and kept for a lifetime. If you have an eye for, love photography, or have even been running a photography business already, you may want to consider getting in on the wedding industry. If you have the tools you need and the experience to back it up, you can get started right away.

If you don’t have the tools or experience yet, you can purchase a kit and start practicing, and can even take some courses to help you build up your skills and experience. Once you feel confident enough, you can start taking on clients.

Hair and Makeup

Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day, but not every bride has the experience or time to put into making her hair and makeup perfect. If you have an eye for fashion and passion for all things beauty, becoming a hair and makeup artist for brides on their big day can help you play a big, impressionable part in the celebration. Whether you’ve attended cosmetology school and have your license, are working on it, or have a knack for it that others can’t deny, you can start offering your services right away.


We’d all be lying if we said we didn’t attend certain events for the food. While the main purpose of a wedding isn’t to eat, it’s a bonus that all guests get to enjoy. That means that the caterer is an important part of the big day. Couples will spend a lot of time trying to find the caterer that’s right for them, but when they do they will pay what it takes.

If you have a knack for cooking up delicious dishes and planning a menu for large events, starting a wedding catering business might be the way to go. All you need is a business license, your food handler’s permit, and some equipment to get going. Whether you want to do an event on the cheap or for free to get the word out or opt to use digital marketing, growing your catering business can be quick and easy and bring a great return.

In Conclusion

These are just a few ideas for different businesses you can start to get into the wedding industry. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic who loves weddings or you want to earn a part of the industry’s revenue, there’s plenty of space for quality businesses that can help couples have the perfect day. What kind of wedding business do you want to start?

If you have any questions, please ask below!