Unbeatable benefits of prepaid phone cards – Cut down long distance calls

frefewFor all those who suffer from tough drawbacks of hefty long distance calls, prepaid calling cards can come with a fresh whiff of air. There are many who have to make long distance calls to their family and friends in order to stay in touch with them but the extremely high cost of making such calls abroad keeps them from placing calls as per their wish. Prepaid phone cards are also called calling cards or international phone cards which are selling off very fast from convenience stores, online websites and from supermarkets.

Suppose you reside somewhere in Liberia and you need to make calls to someone staying in China, you can use prepaid calling cards like NobelComas the costs of your calls will be slashed down, thereby allowing you to save money. Here are few benefits of using prepaid calling cards.

#1: Customers can easily save their dollars

With the usage of prepaid phone cards, customers can save 55% to 76% on international calls. Due to technological advancements, people can cut down international call costs by more than 50% just by using such cards. If they use regular telephones or mobile phones, the customer has to pay hefty taxes but with regards to calling through prepaid phone cards, you don’t even have to pay such taxes. Hence the costs of making long distance calls is pretty less.

#2: No worry of bills

No, you don’t have to pay any bills. The cheap international calling card that’s prepaid averts any worry of waiting for hefty bills at the end of the month. The customers who use such prepaid calling cards have their expenses under full control.

#3: Flexibility and mobility

Few other key benefits of prepaid calling cards are flexibility and mobility. Customers can always make calls from any phone. You can call from your office, from your home or from your friend’s home. The phone from which you’re calling doesn’t require being enabled with the system of international calling or doesn’t need to have call provisions.

#4: Usage history can be easily monitored

There are various online phone card sellers who offer the provision of tracking the online call history. How many calls you had made, to which number and for how many minutes you’ve spoken to a particular number can all be tracked online. Hence you can get every single detail about the calls.

#5: Maintenance fees are not very high

If you didn’t know this, you will be required to pay maintenance fees for using the prepaid phone card, perhaps on a bi-weekly and monthly basis. However, you don’t have to pay maintenance fees if the entire value is used up either in a week or a month or a fortnight.

Few features on calling cards – Answering your doubts

  • How does the recharge feature work?

This means that you can add balance or talk-time minutes to your old pin without purchasing a new calling card altogether again. This feature will allow you to use the same card again and again.

  • Is there a way of recharging a calling card?

Yes, there are few calling cards which support the feature of ‘recharge’ and if it does, you will probably find this information written on the detail page of the card whenever you log into your account.

  • Will my card expire when I recharge before the date of expiry?

Every time you recharge, the company resets the expiration date to the full validity period of the card. When the card is valid for suppose 3 months, post a new recharge, it will have more 3 months of service. Validity period varies as per every product. While there are cards which expire in 3 months, there are some others which expire in 6 months and 1 year. There are even cards which don’t expire at all.

Therefore, when you have to stay in touch with your estranged family members who live outside your country, getting a prepaid phone card is almost the best way of staying in touch with them. Consider the above-mentioned benefits before placing your hands on one. If you have any doubt on the way in which you have to recharge, you can call the company representatives.

If you have any questions, please ask below!