Top Tips to Make Catering Easier for Any Party

What is the fun way of relaxing and having a good time after a long week? A party with all your friends without the prep work. Catering parties allow you to do just that, they help you enjoy and relax before, after, and during the party without worrying about all the work. However, to ensure that the unexpected does not occur, you have to plan. We have listed the top tips to make catering easier for any party – graduation, birthday, get together, or a winter holiday.

Planning the Menu

Organizing a list of the number of guests, their dietary restrictions, and kid-friendly menu (if kids will be included in the party) is essential to avoiding any mid-party crisis such as the food falling short. Ordering some extra plates with the caterer than exactly the number of people will help cope with the unannounced or last-minute guests. You would want to arrange food that is easier to serve. A soup can spill over the couch; the salad may not be suitable for a buffet. You could go for a range of healthy delicious finger food, they are easier to eat and come in gulp sizes.

Place the Order Weeks in Advance

Choose a caterer and place the order weeks in advance. It does not take a lot of time, all you need to do is give the catering service provider a call and book the date by making a deposit. Most caterers are flexible with the order so you do not have to worry about adjusting the units. Delaying this until the last moment will have you rushing to find the right caterer, which can result in you making compromises on the type of food or other essentials planned. Follow up with the caterer the day before the event to ensure all things are in order.

Optimize Space on the Food Table

Place the food on the table so that it is easily accessible by everyone. There should be enough space around the table so the guests can move around from the one item to the other without bumping into each other. Preferably, have the party in an open space where kids can play and the grownups can enjoy each other’s company gulping down the food.

Keep the Beverages Separate from the Food

To make catering easy at any party keep a separate table for the beverages set aside a table for drinks. On the table, have a tub filled with ice so the beer and the wine are chilled and suitable for consumption. Have beer cups and wine glasses beside the ice tub. To score extra points with the guests, have a margarita bar with a pitcher filled with margarita. Remember to have soft drink and juices for the kids at a separate table from the liquor, so the kids do not mix the two.

Put yourself in the Guests’ Shoes

Imagine yourself as the guest and think about the things you would like and where would you like them like the plates first and the napkin-wrappers last. The caterer can also help you plan things like the sauce or salsa that would go along the finger food. Keep the salsa and the sauce close to the plates so they do not drip.

Arrange for Serving Utensils suitable to the Dish

Use tongues for a green salad, bread, and tortillas. Soupspoons will go well with the liquids such as the sauces, cheeses, etc. For the sides, serving spoons are the best. Arrange for a big table with two sets of lines so your guests do not have to wait long. Check with your caterer, some caterers offer napkins, utensils, and chafing dishes with the food.

Place the Garbage Receptacles in the Right Places

Now, you have taken care of all the essential stuff. The last thing that remains is placing the garbage bags in the right place so the guests and their children can use it. Use a sturdy bag and exchange whenever a new one is needed.

Why Hire a Caterer for your Party?

Organizing a party is not an easy task, it takes planning and long hours of hard work. Even with all the effort, the success of the party is not a guarantee. Always something can go wrong. Whereas, a caterer is an expert at getting parties organized. Contrary to popular thought, hiring catering services near me reduces the expense of a party. It also saves you time and worry.

Now that you have all the things sorted – you have hired the caterer, taken care of the guest list and the food, have all the necessary arrangements made according to our top tips to make catering easier for any party, you are all set to have a wonderful time with friends and family.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    I’m helping my mom plan her 50th birthday party, and we’ve been researching all weekend about where to hold the party and what type of catering service we should hire. I like that you said that we should keep the beverages on a separate table away from the food to make catering easier. She’s planning to hire mobile concessions, so it would be easy to keep separate food services together. We can have separate tables for beverages, appetizers, desserts, and the main course. Thanks a lot for your help!

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