Top Tips for Hiring Professional Shredding Services

While often overlooked by business owners, document shredding is becoming essential part of every company's security policy. Multiple studies carried over the recent years revealed that one of the most common sources of information for ID thieves is business's trash - millions of sensitive documents are thrown for recycling every year and this is why this threat must be addressed with the utmost attention.

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Although, it seems reasonable to simply order a paper shredder and assign one of your office employees to it, chances are this will carry negative impact on the performance of the entire organization. This is where professional shredding service providers come in handy and can take a lot of hassle related with document disposal away from your business! Here are the top tips to follow and hire professional shredding services in area where your business is located:

Seek References

The easiest way to examine the reputation of any document disposal company is to seek and examine references by their previous customers. You can start with people you know and move online, where many websites offer reviews for service contractors. The more past references you examine about particular company, the most certain you can be they are the right choice for your exact needs.

Check Certifications

Different states have different agencies monitoring document disposal and companies offering such services, so checking for certifications may help you determine how reputable a document disposal service provider is. A certification almost always mean that the particular service offered covers all local laws and regulations, as well as industry's best practices.

Examine the Service's Level of Security

From the employee selection to the equipment used in the document disposal, these all need to be examined before hiring professional shredding service. You need to be aware, who are the particular employees that will be assigned to your business and also to determine how these are shredded, there are still some companies that shred the documents into thin strips and these are definitely something to be aware of. If the professional shredding service is performed using modern equipment, you will be able to take advantage of much flexible options, such as mobile shredding.

Get Full Service List

Different shredding companies offer different service packages, so examine what's included in these carefully. Chances are you may need additional service options in order to dispose of data in other format than paper. For example, product destruction helps you get rid of CDs, hard drives and flash drives that contain sensitive information about your business.

Compare Quotes

The best way to select the most suitable shredding service for your business is to get multiple quotes, at least 3 and compare them. With the help of the internet, you can do that now without leaving the comfort of your home - most the shredding service providers will be more than happy to give you service quote over the phone or by email, so don't hesitate to ask! Furthermore, depending on your location there are contractor comparison services, which can make this task even easier.

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