Top 6 Ways to Keep Your Office Carpet Looking Clean and New

Running a business these days is hard enough without having to deal with all of the effort that goes into creating an exceptional reputation. Positive customer perception of course is everything when it comes to a business. It’s often known that when a customer has a bad experience, they’re likely to tell an average of 10 people, which escalates now with the prevalence of online reviews.

One thing that many business owners miss in upkeeping a good reputation and positive client experience is the physical state of floors and carpets. If you have carpeted areas in your business, you should think about how they look and how clean they are. A dirty and stained carpet that is visibly not cleaned regularly can leave a customer with a distasteful impression. So, how can you then keep your carpeted areas looking clean and new?

  1. Make Sure they are Vacuumed Regularly

It should go without saying, but regular vacuuming is essential to basic cleanliness. Even though most regular vacuum cleaners don’t get all of the dirt and dust out of the deep fibres of the carpet, it’s always a good idea to remove as much accumulated filth as possible. A deeper clean can be done more irregularly and regular vacuuming makes this process a lot easier.

As a business owner, you should make sure that your carpets are vacuumed at least every second to third night after working hours. This often involves using professional business cleaning services to do this effectively. An additional benefit of using professional cleaning services is that they are likely to use vacuum cleaners that are much more industrial and effective than the ones that most people use for domestic cleaning.

  1. Do a Deeper Clean Every So Often

If the carpet of your business is regularly vacuumed by business cleaning services, it will be a lot easier to have it deep cleaned. This doesn’t have to be done as often, but a good deep clean at least a few times a year can really make a difference to how the carpet looks and feels.

One of the problems with carpet is that dust and filth can easily get stuck in the deeper fibre layers of the carpet, which is tough to get out with regular vacuum cleaners. Professional business cleaning services use professional equipment, involving the use of steam cleaning equipment or dry cleaning, depending on the type of carpet. These methods are a lot more effective at extracting dirt and debris from deep fibre layers and leaving it looking thoroughly clean and almost new again.

  1. Protect Your Carpet

This may not work for every business, but sometimes, it’s a good idea to use hardy plastic runners to protect the carpet in high traffic areas. Many businesses use transparent carpet runners made of a durable plastic that firmly grip the surface. This helps to protect carpets from dirt, mud, stains, and unnecessary wear and tear.

  1. Eliminate Stains as Soon as Possible

If coffee is the morning drink of choice for your office staff, it’s going to pose a problem for your carpet. Spilt coffee and other beverages can stain carpets and leave them dirty and smelly. It doesn’t just apply to coffee or other drinks that stain either. Mud and grime brought in from the outside can also heavily and easily stain the carpet.

If you want to keep your carpets as fresh and clean as possible, it’s important to treat these stains as soon as possible. Keeping some spot cleaning products on hand can help to eliminate stains and sustain your carpets for longer.

  1. Use the Right Treatment

Every carpet is different, and it may not be a good idea to use certain kinds of cleaning products or cleaning methods on every carpet or floor surface. Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are popular methods for cleaning carpets, but you have to make sure that whoever is cleaning your carpet knows the type of carpet it is and how to treat it best.

  1. Get it Cleaned Professionally

If you haven’t had your carpet professionally cleaned, it might be time to get this organised. Professional cleaners have the equipment and expertise to deep clean of your carpets without damaging them. If you’ve made sure to vacuum your carpets regularly, a professional clean will simply be the icing on the cake, and ensure your carpets are sustainably unkept for the long-run and your customers have a good impression every time they walk in.

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