Top 6 Reasons to Splurge on a Professional Home Cleaning Service

frwfrqwfqrwfA professional home cleaning service conjures up images of luxury. You imagine the cleaning day in your mind. This is a day where leave for work in the morning and arrive home to find your home sparkling clean and smelling like the first day of spring. For many people, professional cleaning isn’t a luxury. It’s a service that they budget for and gladly pay for, every week. Here are the top 6 reasons you should splurge on a professional home cleaning service.

A Healthier Home

If you have respiratory ailments like asthma or allergies, then you know that housekeeping chores can send you grabbing the nearest box of tissues. Worse yet, the exposure to dust mites can launch a full-blown and dangerous asthma attack.

If you suffer from these ailments, then your doctor has warned you. An important part of allergy and asthma management is limiting your exposure to dust mites, pet dander, and pollen. So why not let someone else handle it for you?

Professional house cleaners will remove these irritants from your home in just a couple of hours! They have the equipment, tools, and products to make your home a haven for you. In addition, weekly maintenance by a cleaning pro means that you don’t need to the handle dust and dirt that makes you sick.

Time is Money

If time is money to you, then hire a professional cleaner!

A recent article by Forbes Magazine charges busy executives to delegate those tasks which keep them away from the business of generating revenue. To summarize the article, people who work for a living (all of us, right?) need to earn their income.

Here’s that theory in action. If you hire a home cleaner, you’d free up two or three hours of your time each week. You can use that time to work extra and make more money, so the cleaning service would pay for itself and then some!

Spend More Time with Family

Even if you’re not a high-powered executive, consider the time you have with your family.

Do you love spending your day off sweeping floors and scrubbing toilets? I’d be the answer is a resounding “No.” The time you have with your children, especially when they are young, goes by in an instant. That’s time you can’t get back!

So even if you don’t earn that executive wage, hiring a cleaning service may just be a wonderful option to allow you to spend more time with the kiddos, family, and friends.

Home cleaning programs can be customized to suit any budget, from basic cleaning tasks to more labor-intensive chores. How much you can afford, and want to pay, is up to you and your own budgetary needs.

Safer for Seniors

Falls inside the home are the leading cause of trips to the emergency room for senior citizens. A home cleaning service eliminates the needs for seniors to stay at home for longer. Even seniors who are mobile enough to complete daily tasks can benefit from assistance with those heavier weekly and monthly cleaning chores.

If you have an aging parent or friend, consider a cleaning service. Not only will their home be kept cleaner, they will enjoy the company of the visit every week!

Easy Entertaining

Are your dust bunnies holding you back from inviting friends over for an impromptu cocktail party? Do pop-in visits from neighbors leave you ashamed of the dust?

If you love easy entertaining, consider a cleaning service.

They clean on a pre-determined schedule, set by you. This means that you can have them clean your home just before the weekend…or after the weekend…or the day that you host Bunco. It’s entirely up to you, but the services they provide will ensure that you’re not left feeling red in the face the next time your nosy neighbor stops by uninvited.

It’s Refreshing!

It’s refreshing to come home after work to find the clean home that I described in the opening paragraph. You’ll enjoy knowing that the work is complete, and you just sit back and enjoy your clean home.

For many of our clients, any one of these reasons are more than enough to enjoy the splurge on professional home cleaning service.

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