Top 5 Industries Utilising Drone Technology

In recent years, the arrival of drone technology has caused a great stir with businesses using it to their advantage. While some industries are already using drones to better their business, others are developing more advanced technology to provide better quality services to their customers.

Take a look at these top four industries that are using drone technology all over the world.

Delivery services

More than likely, you will have heard talks about Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drone, which is set to upgrade their delivery process by taking it up in the sky and having items delivered in a few minutes after their order is placed. They have developed a hybrid aircraft for the sole purposes of fast-paced and quality delivery.

Amazon’s drones are constructed with high-quality thermal and depth cameras, as well as sonar hazard detectors. Amazon has compared these safety features as being “robust and stable as commercial aircraft”. This drone technology will build on Amazon’s mission to offer immediate delivery to its customers, which adds to the already successful one-day delivery offer which is available to Amazon Prime customers.

Real estate

The use of drone footage in the property sector is becoming more prevalent, especially in the property investment industry. For example, property experts like RW Invest utilise drone footage for their off-plan developments to show investors how the construction of their property is coming along. This saves a significant amount of time, as instead of inundating investors with thousands of pictures, they can simply use drone footage to capture the entire development.

Real estate drones are beneficial to overseas investors who may not have the time to travel and see the property in person, which is where drone footage comes in and offers them a detailed viewing. This offers reassurance and also enables investors to prepare themselves for the completion stage of their investment. It is also a great way to showcase the area surrounding the investment, which is a high selling point for both investors and potential tenants.

Emergency services

Drone technology has come in handy for emergency services including the Police Forces, who have made use of drones for a myriad of cases including missing persons, traffic incidents and criminal tracking. Some drones used by the police are fitted with HD cameras which can help to produce high-quality crime scene images, which is enabling cases to be solved much faster.

Rescue services have also found success using drone technology, for example, the Brecon Mountain Rescue Team utilise drones to improve their accident response procedures. The main benefit of using drones is to reduce down search time in hopes that they can treat people and save lives in a much faster and efficient manner.


The use of drones in the farming industry have increased massively, and are mostly being used to monitor crops, as the drone footage can survey an entire crop to establish where there is growth and identify any problems. This will save a significant amount of time, as it means farmers do not have to check their crops manually.

Technology companies have now created drones fitted with spraying systems. These are used to fertilise crops in expansive farms, which is helpful to farmers who have too many crops to cover manually. This also prevents waste and allows for efficiency, as the drones will be programmed to only spray chemicals where it is needed.


The manufacturing industry has introduced the use of drones in their production lines to improve the accuracy of their products, and also ensure completion in less time. This includes the automobile company SEAT, who are now working with logistics experts Grupo Sesé in order to offer drone technology for the delivery of car parts. This includes everything from airbags to steering wheels and more, which are being delivered in a much quicker fashion.

Drones are also utilised in warehouses where they can keep track of mass inventory. This includes top companies like Walmart who have been trialling the use of drones in their warehouses to track missing items. This has massively reduced the amount of time spent on inventory checks, as drones can check an entire factory in just one day, which usually takes a month to complete manually.

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