Tips to Consider When Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

Are you planning a move from your current home to a new place of residence? What happens when your rental agreement is up and your new residence is not yet available for move-in? In such a case, a storage facility can act as a bridge until you can move.

There are different reasons why you may find yourself in need of a private storage facility. Other than moving from your house, other reasons include the following.

Renovations: renovating your home can take a toll on your household items and furniture. As such, you need to look for a place to store your belongings as you upgrade your home. Take them back once the renovation is complete.

Traveling: Perhaps you travel a lot. So, rather than leaving your belongings in your home can be easily broken into- you can preserve them in private storage facilities. In this way, you get the assurance on the security of your belongings.

Transition: When we lose those we love and cherish, our spirits get crushed. By having their personal effects around, makes it difficult to move on. But should we dispose of them? Well, this may not be an option due to the memories they hold. At such a time, you can decide to use a self-storage facility to store their belongings.

So, how do you choose the best self storage facility?

  1. The Right Fit

What do you want to achieve from this facility? If you want to hold your belongings for a few days or months before moving to a permanent place, check its accessibility and cost. You need a facility that is easily accessible and open during your daily time schedule.

If the items you’re storing are climate sensitive, choose a facility that contains a temperature-controlled room. This will help so that your products don’t go bad.

Where the items are valuable, your main concern should be on the security of this facility. Choose a storage facility that has a valid insurance policy. The CCTV cameras should also be a major selling point.

  1. Better Customer Service

Customer service is essential to any decision-making process. How your queries are addressed from the managers/employees should form the basis of your decision-making process. Where you don’t get an adequate response, or you’re getting consistent turnarounds, it’s a cue to look for a different service provider.

  1. Cleanliness

You don’t want to store your household items in a dusty and stained room. Before you choose your storage provider, make an appointment with its management. Take the time to inspect the conditions of this facility.

Where they may be reluctant to agree to your request, don’t give a second thought to the idea. The cleanliness of the premises is an indication that your belongings will be kept clean through the entire storage facility.

  1. Security

Once you approach a service provider to store your goods, you need to be certain that they are secure. Ensure that the storage facility has CCTV installations and a duty guard throughout. The lighting in the facility also needs to be optimal.

All the other security measures in the enterprise won’t work if the lighting is bad.

  1. Location

Before you make the decision on the storage facility to rent, determine whether you want to access your stored belongings or not. If you know you won’t be checking the items often, you can save some amount of money by choosing a firm outside your neighbourhood.

Most rural storage firms will offer extra discounts as their overhead costs are quite low.

  1. Accessibility

If you want to access your items every day, the costs may be higher. Whereas many facilities are accessible 24/7, this is not absolute.

Consider the accessibility factor when making the decision. Well, the on-demand access facilities will cost some more amount of money.

  1. Special Offers

You can get discounts and special offers everywhere. However, your priority should be on getting the best deal. In order to get this, shop around. You may visit the facility and have a conversation with its managers or the workers. In this way, you can secure the chances of getting a special discount.

As a potential customer, it makes sense to seek the best storage facility that gives you something in return. If you shop around, you will get a variety of offers including long-term discounts or getting a waiver on fees for the first month. Almost all storage facilities will run promotions at any given time.

Choose a company that offers the best services and with amazing special offers.

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  1. I loved what you stated about scheduling a meeting with the management of the storage provider before making your decision. You advised me to spend some time examining the facility’s circumstances. Since we desire a larger area for both our kitchen and bathroom, my husband and I have chosen to have our home rebuilt. It is crucial for us to maintain the security of our possessions since we intend to put our collection of vases and books in a unit. Thanks for the tips.

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