Tips for Roof Replacement Before Winter in Oakland County Michigan

In Michigan, the ideal time to prepare the roof for the replacement is before winter. Winter brings a lot of challenges for a roof in the form of ice dams, snow storms, and hails. So, it is important to invest time in your research to get a new long-lasting roof.

Here are a few tips mentioned for the roof replacement before winter in Oakland County Michigan.

  • Inspect the Roof

It is important to get your roof inspected before the replacement. You need to take help from the professional contractors to assess the condition of different parts of a roof. It is important to ensure that every hidden issue gets addressed on time before the arrival of the winter season. Moreover, the inspection process would help detect the signs of roof leaks which can lead to huge disastrous consequences.

  • Detect the Signs

You need to ensure that each of the warning signs gets detected properly before the roof replacement. The most common signs include missing shingles, loss of granules, mold growth, increased utility bills, roof leaks, clogged gutters, and so many more. Each of such signs can cause hindrance in the way a new roof should function to protect the home in winters.

  • Trim the Trees

You must also make sure that the trees and plants are at the safe distance from your roof. Otherwise, it can harm your new roof shingles as well during the heavy storms of the winter season.

In severe cases, the unnecessary long branches may also fall over the new roof causing significant damage to the roof deck.

  • Hire the Professional

You need to invest proper time in researching and interviewing all roofing contractors Oakland County Michigan. You need to check for the licenses, insurance, warranties, past projects, reviews, references, and other important factors which can help you get the best roofing contractor to get done with your roofing replacement.

On the contrary, if you wait till the peak season to hire the contractor, it is more likely that most of the reliable contractors would already be taken.

  • Get Quality Material

The highest quality is usually associated with the highest possible prices. However, you need to ignore this cliché and focus on comparing different prices by shopping around in Oakland County Michigan. It would help you get the best quality roofing materials at affordable prices.

You can also take assistance from your chosen roofing contractor to get access to high standard and quality materials. Also, if you have chosen a local contractor, he might be able to get you other reliable products and services as well.

  • Examination

Even after the replacement, you need to examine the different parts on your new roof to ensure that each one of them is working properly. The most critical parts are ventilation, chimneys, and flashing. You need to check them to see whether there are any signs of cracks or damages.

If you are able to detect any sign, you need to fix it right there or else get that part replaced instantly. It is better if you take assistance from the professional roofers in the examination of your roof as well.

  • Warranty

The winter season will be on its way by the time you are done with the roof replacement. You need to double check the warranty you are provided by your roofing company or contractor. It would help you deal with the expected damages and repairs caused by the winter. This way, you can save your money from being spent even after the roofing job is done by the workers.

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