Tips for Choosing a Packaging for Your Cake Business

cake-packagingThe mode of delivery for any type of products can determine greatly your returns. This is inclusive of a bakery. Whatever type of cakes that you specialize in, you should be able to safely package them in an attractive packaging that will market itself before you can even speak about it. Although your cakes may be the most delicious in the streets, it may not result to intended profitability if you have a wrong choice of packaging. The first impression can influence the buying decision of any client. In order to come up with the right packaging, below are some of the tips that may guide you in the process.

  • Ensure you pick the right size for your cake.

As a bakery owner, you sure have cakes of different sizes and shapes depending with the orders that have been given by the potential clients. Therefore, you cannot have packaging of the same size for your cakes. In considering the size of the packaging, it should not be too little just to fit the cake as it may result to crushing of the cake in the delivery process. Similarly, the box should not be too big as it may give the cake some room to slide thus resulting to a crush.

When picking the right packaging for your cake, your decision should rely on the size of the base of the cake. Once you know the size of the base, choose a slightly bigger box to eliminate the chances for the sides of the box to pound on the cake. Whatever the shape of the cake is, you should use the part of the box that is bigger in order to come up with the right measurement.

  • Choose a package that will help you stand out from your competitors.

With the high competition rate, you need a packaging that will market itself. Instead of going with the common packaging of the cakes, you should consider bringing the packaging alive. You can include your logo as this tends to bring out a positive expression about your firm. Also, it shows the potential clients how creative you are.

  • Consider the bases of the cakes.

These bases need to be of a specific thickness. For many single layer cakes, you can use a standard thickness but when you are packaging a cake with several layers, you need to take excellent care. This includes even the wedding cakes. The major thing to bear in mind is that you should correctly choose your packaging. It is therefore important to choose a packaging supplier that will provide you with a large variety of cake bases that include the shapes, sizes, thickness as well as the needed materials. You will have an easy time trying to select these sizes from what is presented to you in by the packaging provider.

  • Your packaging should stand out from your competitors.

One of the major reasons why you should go for a perfect packaging design is so as to try to attract as many customers as possible. In the modern world of stiff competition, especially in the baking industry, you need to show your clients what you have to offer that they might be lacking from the competitors. As the saying goes, “the first cut is the deepest.” This is also similar in business world as it is very important for you to create a great first impression. There is no better way of doing this than having the best possible and attractive packaging.

Instead of looking at the basic white packaging box, maybe you should try to bring the packaging to live by including a personalized company logo. This will not only make the packaging more presentable but it is a very simple and effective way of advertising and marketing your cakes.

When looking for a packaging supplier, ensure that they offer you several choices especially in matters to do with sizes, shapes, as well as thickness. Also, you can as well customize the packaging to fit the needs you have.

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