Timeneye-the Time Tracking App Review

TimeneyeWithout doubt, we live in a time sensitive era - time is money. For business owners or project managers who want to track the time spent by their employees to complete different tasks (ex: an online project-web design, search engine optimization, etc…), there is a brand new time tracking app provided by The main features of the Timeneye software are as following:

– It is built with usability in mind - in other words the software is very simple to install on any computer and keep track of current activities.

– The user interface is non-invasive and very simple to use.

– Can be installed and used on Android powered devices, IOS or Windows based mobiles.

– Can be also used as an extension of the Google Chrome Browser (Timeneye Crome Extension).

– Can be easily integrated with Basecamp, allowing Basecamp users to track time directly from there, just adding the time spent on each to-do as a comment on the to-do itself: Timeneye syncs with Basecamp and pulls these time entries, making them readily available for reports.

– The software generates beautiful charts, and allows the user to apply selection filters on the respective reports (daily or monthly statistics).

– Gives access to an advanced reporting system, providing statistics ready for PDF printing or Excel exporting.

– Timeneye time tracking web app gives access to an open API system allowing users to bring the time tracking capabilities directly to their applications.

The company offers a 15 days free trial for the time tracking software so users may test it first. When the trial ends, they have the possibility to upgrade their membership to one of the paid options: Basic, Pro and Premium. The difference between these plans consists of the number of projects allowed: 20, 50 and 100.

If you have any questions, please ask below!