The Ultimate Hiring a Contractor Checklist: What to Look For

You’re planning to finally tackle an important project this summer, and you already know you’ll need outside help. So, you plan to hire a contractor.

The question is, how can you pick the right one from a sea of contractors?

It’s critical that you look for certain characteristics when hiring a contractor. At the same time, it’s paramount that you avoid those with serious red flags. So, here’s a hiring a contractor checklist to help you to make the right choice.

Let’s jump in!

Hiring a Contractor Checklist Begins with Finding a Contractor

Perhaps you’re wanting to complete a project to improve your home for your family. Or, maybe you’d like to add value to the home in preparation tosell it.

Either way, take a close look at the kind of project you wish to complete. This will help you to determine the type of contractor you need to hire.

A general contractor may be adequate if you’re interested in simply updating a small area or remodeling a room. However, you’ll likely need a specialist for a more complicated project. For example, if you’re doing some grading, your contractor may need to be experienced in usingaggregate sievesfor the purpose of sizing aggregate.

Your home builders association may refer you to certain contractors in your local area. In addition, coworkers, family, and friends may be able to point you to reputable contractors.

Then, once you get a list of contractors, obtain multiple estimates.

Note that checking with just one contractor will not guarantee that you’ll receive the best price. At the same time, the lowest estimate might not get you the best quality of work. So, be sure to scrutinize every estimate before moving forward with a contractor.

Vet the Contractor, and Seek Paperwork

In addition to considering a contractor’s estimate, be sure to check which trade association they belong to. Ideally, the association should have a strong ethics code. In addition, the contractor should have been required to pass trade exams and complete a certain amount of high-level work.

Also, search for online reviews of the contractor. TheBetter Business Bureauis a good starting place, and so is the office of the attorney general in your state. You could also look for social media reviews to see if anyone has complained about the contractor.

Next, ask the contractor for proof of a contractor’s license and an insurance certificate. Also, take a close look at the contract to make sure that you are happy with the terms before you sign on the dotted line.

Red Flags to Avoid

Avoid hiring a contractor who wants you to pay them in full upfront. Also, stay away from contractors who accept cash only.

Likewise, don’t choose a contractor who refuses to give you a contract in writing. And try to stick with contractors that use street addresses for their locations, not just PO boxes.

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