The most common platform to display your accommodation in Australia

Australia is one of the countries frequented by tourists from all over the world. Owning residential properties, especially in the vicinity of the tourism landmarks, could be a big bonus for you. But, how will the tourists know about your accommodation. Which platform can be used to display your accommodation if you are renting or selling?

In case you are selling accommodation to Aussie’s citizens, it’s better if you let the Stella Settlements to facilitate the process for you. For every sale of real estate there is a complex process to be followed such as signing the legal documents as well as understanding the entire process that involves rates and taxes. That could be the most challenging part of the sale before you enjoy your profits.

The Stella Settlements has the seller’s guide to help you understand the step-by-step process to be undertaken when selling your accommodation. There is also the buyer’s guide you can familiarize yourself with. Your part to display the accommodation for sale could be to explore various ads platforms such as newspapers or with the real estate agents or the accommodation business selling sites.


Displaying accommodation for rental in Australia

There are plenty of sites wherein you can display your accommodation for rental in Australia. Before tourists land in Australia, for example, they will have searched through the available and affordable rental accommodation in close proximity to the attractive landmarks in the country. Having your accommodation listed among the most reputable and popular listing sites will bring you’re a massive income.

But how do you know that a site is reputable? It can be harder to detect that. However, a proper search can land you to popular sites such as the Remax for accommodation listing and the Stayz for short term rental accommodation. These websites have good stats of visitors. So it’s highly likely that your accommodation will receive sufficient traffic. It’s only a matter of time that you will start receiving a tremendous income from tourism influx.

The other popular sites include the local newspapers or media platforms. There could be many locals looking for your accommodation for either rental or for sale. However, be prepared to spend a lot on such platforms. They have a greater exposure to the targeted customers.

The Hotel Network (THN) in Australia is also a display platform. The company has established itself as the pioneer of accommodation management services in Australia for corporate organizations and governmental departments. Having your accommodation listed with the company is also a big plus because you will receive a large number of interested tenants.

The other platform is the property management software products in Australia. The software encompasses a number of properties for rental and for sale. Furthermore, it has a large base of customers across the country. Listing your property on the software can grab you some potential clients for your accommodation. There are also some ratings per accommodation. Provided you serve tenants well, your accommodation might be rated high by users and it is the more business you will receive in future.

The importance of display your accommodation in Australia

Many people regard real estate as the profitable investment that tops the list. This depends on your strategies to play a role in the market. You may have plenty of rooms for rentals, but if not properly marketed, your view of the real estate investment might change. Some property owners have assigned such duties of marketing to the real estate agents. These agents expect commissions resulting from the sale of your properties.

Sometimes you can achieve that on your own without involving the real estate agents. Just find the display platforms as aforementioned and then list your properties affordably. You may need the independent conveyancer such as the Stella Settlements when you have to lease out legal agreements for rental or for the sale of the property. The cost is much cheaper when compared to relying on other agents.

Having introduced these accommodation display platforms, we hope that we have added value to your marketing strategies. If any of the renting or sale process seems foreign to you with the complex transactions, feel free to consider the conveyancer. The conveyancer has the expertise into the market, so undertaking transactions and documentations for you will be an easy task.

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