The Importance of Professional Japanese Translation Services

Japanese TranslationThere has never been a better time to seek Japanese translation services than now. The Japanese economy is one of the most powerful economies in the world. Its economic and technological development makes it an international business haven. By translating your content and documents to Japanese, you’ll have the potential to access more than 130 million speakers of the language.
You can choose to translate for yourself, have someone you know do it for you or translate using a computer. These three options won’t come close to offering what a professional company can do for you. Here are some of the benefits of seeking professional Japanese translation services.


Professional companies have translators that are fluent in Japanese as well as advanced programs to ensure the final results are accurate and error-free. They are usually linked to professional associations. This implies they have met certain qualification requirements. The companies are bound by ethical obligations that apply to their industry. Therefore, they have to handle the material you give them professionally, impartially and confidentially.

A non-professional may take the translation task casually or carelessly resulting in low-quality content. Such content can be a source of embarrassment, ridicule, offense or revenue loss. Research has shown how costly faulty translation can be to a business. SDL International, a Global Information Management provider, did a survey and found that 80% of global firms have lost revenue due to translation errors. A European lens manufacturer had to reprint all the English versions of its annual report because of a translation error.

Manual Translation

Free translation software is available in plenty. Regardless of how advanced the software may be, there are algorithmic barriers that limit their translation abilities. With machine translation, there is always the possibility of the language sounding stilted or being inappropriate for the intended audience or context.

Japanese has three different scripts and numerous dialects. The only way to ensure your translated document is fluent and features cultural and business terminology that is appropriate for your target audience is by hiring an expert human translator. Professional translation companies have translators that are well versed in the Japanese language. They have certifications from Japanese or international multilingual associations to prove their abilities. Although these companies may use programs, human translators are also greatly involved in the editing, proofreading and formatting processes to ensure nothing is misunderstood or lost. Their manual services overcome the cons of machine translation.

Fast Project Turnaround

Professional translation companies offer comprehensive services in many different fields, including technical, legal, scientific and commercial. They can translate a wide variety of business material such as user manuals, marketing brochures, product labels, legal contracts, business plans and websites. All you have to do is to provide the necessary materials, and the company will take care of the whole project from start to completion.

When choosing a translation company, the last thing you should be worried about is the prices. There are more important considerations such as experience, reputation, customer feedback and qualification of the translators. Go for a company that scores highly in most, if not all of these areas. That way, you are assured of getting quality Japanese translation services that result in documents that read just as well or much better than the source documents.

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