The Benefits of Drain Camera Inspections

freftf4t3Gurgles, backups, and leaks can be a huge mystery in the plumbing world. If you want an answer and solution quickly, then there is no reason to wait. That is the beauty of a drain camera inspection done by a professional and experienced plumber. No more guessing. No more wasted time. Aside from these points, there are many other benefits to drain and sewer pipe camera inspections.

But before we can get into the actual benefits, you need to understand what a sewer video inspection is and when it is most handy.

Basically, a video inspection is when you call in a plumbing company or a specialist to attach a camera to a malleable line that runs through the piping of your home and beyond. In fact, a video line can usually travel up to 60-100 meters. The video line is often small enough to fit through branch lines—those that lead from bathtubs and faucets to the main sewer line. Sometimes, you may even want these inspections to take a look at the larger pipe leading to the municipal sewer line along your street. This allows you and the plumber to see everything in clear, real-time detail.

  1. Simplified Inspections

When you start shopping around for new homes or want to remodel, a camera inspection of the plumbing is an excellent move in due diligence. A drain camera inspection will let you explore the plumbing around your house, letting you find any problematic areas (like crushed sections and clogging) or anything that is now obsolete (or deteriorating). You can also check if your remodeling schema is viable with the available piping you have. In short, you can check if drains and sewer lines are in good condition or if there will be future problems, like encroaching roots or if anything major needs to be done.

Another reason people like to schedule a video inspection is when they are planning on remodeling. Adding on another bathroom or changing around your kitchen could actually put an increased strain on your plumbing system by causing greater amounts of water to fill the drainage system. You may want a drain camera inspection to check if the current plumbing can handle the increased needs.

Lastly, the camera can also have a transmitter. The plumber can stop the line at the blockage, go up to the ground level (if necessary), and use a special device that picks up the transmission signal. That way, he will know exactly where to dig the sewer trench.

  1. Stress Free

Before drain camera inspections were doable, the inspection process was much more of a hassle. There was a lot of blind digging—and this wasn’t cost effective. Now, a camera inspection allows for detailed video inspection inside the piping, meaning you and the plumber can see exactly what is blocking up the pipes or developing into an issue. A drain camera inspection will find anything that is broken, locate root intrusions, clogging, or belly piping that is negatively affecting the entire plumbing system.

Sometimes the video line can even push through the blockage, meaning everything is wrapped up cleanly!

  1. Evidence of Issue

This is especially important for people who are renting a home or unit that has been having frequent plumbing problems. Because sewer and drain pipe camera inspections can record the environment of the pipes and take pictures of the damaged locations, it makes receiving documentation for a 3rd party extremely easy. This way, the landlord or insurance company has the proof they need. Of course, you shouldn’t expect Hollywood quality graphics. But any form of evidence that can help you out is going to get you farther with a claim that words alone.

  1. No Clean Up

As mentioned before, a camera inspection isn’t complex. The camera simply descends through the piping. Because of this, everything is done with minimal intrusion. Nothing has to be taken apart, removed, dug up, or disturbed. Although work may be needed to correct the problem the inspection locates, at least the drain camera inspection itself is simple. You won’t have to clean anything up—yet.

Camera inspections allow the you and plumber to see the very root of the plumbing problem. You can check whether or not all pipes are in good condition, even if they are deep underground. Since the camera travels farther than human arms, the ultimate benefit is being able to assess without creating a mess—and isn’t that what all homeowners want?

If you have any questions, please ask below!