The Benefits of Commercial Shredding Companies for High-Volume Jobs

Keeping your business's important papers confidential is imperative. You may have invested in a few shredders to use around your office building, but you are now noticing that your employees can't keep up with shredding these sensitive materials. As your business grows, the volume of your private information grows. You don't have to hire a new employee to spend the day shredding your papers - hire a professional company to do the work in a few minutes. Shredding companies can handle any volume, will ensure that no shredding accidents occur at your office, and will destroy your private papers to protect your sensitive information.

Commercial Shredding

They have their own shredders

When you leave the job of shredding important information to your staff, there are a few things that could go wrong. Your employees are busy trying to meet their deadlines and may not have time to shred all of their documents. These papers may begin to pile up and could be sitting around. If this happens, this information can be picked up and seen by anyone. The confidentiality of certain documents may be breached. When your employees are responsible for shredding, there's no proof that it has actually been done. When you work with commercial shredding companies, you can be guaranteed the necessary document destruction will occur and will receive a Shredding Certificate as proof.

Large volume of documents

Large or small, commercial shredding companies can schedule visits to your business to shred as frequently as you need. They provide you with bins or secure carts so that you can keep a large volume of private documents in these containers until you're ready to destroy them. Do your research to find out how much the company can shred at once. Some companies can destroy up to 8,000 pounds of paper per hour.

Flexibility and cost

If your company has high and low periods of producing materials that need to be destroyed, look for a company that is flexible and can meet your needs. Some commercial shredding companies will charge you only by the amount of waste you have in your bins while other will charge you a flat rate. Work with them to pick up more frequently during your busy times and less frequently during slow periods. If they're willing to do this, it could save you a nice chunk of money.

Reduce the stress

Commercial shredding companies offer different services and some of them offer a way for you to reduce your stress. Look for a company that can provide you with a detailed shredding report that will show you how you're spending your money and what you can do to save. This report can also help you to determine if you have the correct number of containers for your company's size and if you have the right service frequency for your shredding. These reports take the guess work out of shredding; it can relieve you of the burden of trying to track the information on your own and save you the money that comes from running an efficient operation.

When you need to shred confidential information, contact Shred Confidential. On-site or off-site, large or small, they offer flexible services to accommodate business needs. Visit us to find out more.

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