Reason why Norwegian Restaurants Should Offer Take Away Services

Take away services are gaining popularity all around the world by the day, and they are head to head with delivery services. Restaurants in Norway are slowly adapting take away services as well and just like a food delivery system, take away services offer a list of potential benefits to both the restaurant and the customer.

However, when it comes to the take away market, it is an easier idea to consider for restaurants as they don’t have to worry about any sort of logistics.

It is efficient and effective

With the help of technology, take away services have become a lot easier to offer. Restaurants can install iPads on which the customers can place their orders that they want to take away.

Such a service also gives the customers the luxury to customize their orders without having to explain too much. Along with that, the chances of the order getting messed up due to improper communication are minimized.

Since the customers will be able to order their own food, the restaurant can focus their attention on people who are already dining in reducing waiting times for them.

Because of this, the restaurant will not have to worry about hiring delivery guys, they only have to focus on the preparation of the food.

It is flexible

If a restaurant does not want to offer take away option to their customers, they have the complete freedom of putting the service on hold especially during peak hours.

This makes the whole system less disruptive and chaotic as the restaurant will have the authority to offer the service when it is convenient for them.

Results in increased revenue

Your restaurant will be targeting a different market who otherwise would have probably never set foot at your restaurant. Keep in mind that not all restaurants are busy the whole day.

This means that another restaurants peak hour can mean traffic for you, as those restaurants probably do not provide take away services during peak hours.

It does not add to fixed costs

Initially, you might have to invest in some equipment in order to set up the whole take away system, however, after that you will notice that the investment will pay off quickly.

Restaurants in Norway have experienced a rise in revenues of about 30% without hiring any additional people. There will be variable cost incurred which will depend on the orders you get.

It results in repetitive business

When facilities like delivery and take away are offered to customers, it increases the chances of those customers being retained. This means that it becomes an opportunity for restaurants to get more orders from their existing customers.

It is a proven fact that 80% of the revenue of food business comes from existing customers. This will also create a ripple effect, as your existing customers can be advocates for your brand when they like your food and service facilities.

If the restaurant has a take away app, then they can give the customers the option of a repeat button for which they wont have to think twice about ordering their favourite food from the restaurant.

People prefer take away instead of dining in

It it proven by a study that customers prefer to take away their food instead of sitting and having it at the restaurant. A restaurant can view this as having potentially an unlimited amount of tables.

You will get access to valuable data

As a business in the food industry, it is important for you to collect data so that you stay ahead of the competition and you are aware of what the customers like and dislike.

The take away service will provide you exactly that, as you will be able to gather data on the person such as their email address and phone number.

Using such data, you will be able to make statistics on what is most frequently ordered, and use this information to your advantage.

It is becoming an increasing trend that restaurants in Norway use data in order to make correlations for loyalty programmes and increase the retention of customers.

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