Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner

wedding-planningHiring a Wedding Planner has now become the norm for most weddings these days. It seems couples just can't figure out how to plan their wedding without the help of one. Their services and expertise are now deemed indispensable for anyone wanting to walk down the aisle. But I bet your parents will disagree. It's a known fact that in the past, our parents did all the planning and preparation themselves. Should you hire one? Or should you just do all the planning yourself?

Let's find out how hiring a Wedding Planner can be to your advantage (and also to your disadvantage). Read on:

Reasons why you should hire a Wedding Planner

  • They're experts at what they do

Unless you've been married several times, there's a good chance that you don't know much about planning and preparing for a wedding. By getting a wedding planner, you're hiring an expert in all things related to weddings. They can guide you with the procedures and protocols, and they can offer consultative advice when making big decisions.

  • They have contacts and a wide network of wedding suppliers

Wedding Planners not only provide you with their expertise, they also provide you with their contacts. These contacts can be suppliers, service-providers or other key personalities crucial to a successful wedding. And since your planner is on friendly terms with these personalities, you can expect to get a friendly discount on their rates.

  • They deal with people you don't have time or energy to deal with

It's an understatement to say that wedding preparations are not easy. It can sometimes become a nightmare,and dealing with a lot of people can add to the frustrations. By hiring a Wedding Planner, you can delegate this task to her. You can now free yourself from having to deal with the wedding singer, the caterer, the church, and even your future in-laws.

  • They help you with your budget

You hire a Wedding Planner because of her expertise. And one expertise of a planner that can truly help you is her ability to help you with your budget. Finances are perhaps the biggest concern of most couples. A good wedding planner can help the couple stay within (or even below) the budget by suggesting alternative ways and methods. By sharing her experiences, the couple can weigh financial decisions better.

  • They can help out by decreasing your stress levels

The bride shouldn't feel harassed and stressed by the minor details of the wedding, especially when the big day is fast approaching. This is where the Wedding Planner comes in. She has the responsibility to smooth out all the hitches so that the couple can concentrate on more important matters. Under the hands of a capable planner, all the couple has to worry about is to say "I do" to each other come wedding day.

When hiring a Wedding Planner is a bad idea

  • When you don't have the budget for it

Hiring a Wedding Planner can be expensive. They usually charge 15% of the total wedding budget. If you don't have the budget for a planner, then consider having a simple wedding because you will be the one doing all the planning.

  • If you're the hands-on type

Micro-managers won't do well with a Wedding Planner. So if you're the type who likes to get your hands dirty with even the minutest detail then do not hire a planner. Plan everything yourself. You'll save yourself the money and the migraines without a Wedding Planner.

  • When you're forced to hire an inexperienced Wedding Planner

Planners who don't know what they're doing can be such a pain. Do yourself a favor and invest in an experienced and competent Wedding Planner. An inexperienced one will just ruin your otherwise perfect wedding.

  • When you don't like your Wedding Planner

Sometimes things just don't go as planned. If you happen to have doubts on the Wedding Planner you hired, or if you simply do not like her, fire her. A Wedding Planner plays an important role in the success of your wedding. You can't afford to have a bad working relationship with her.

  • When you're obviously not ready to get married

Some couples are just not ready to get married but they take the plunge anyway. It's best if they step back and try to assess where they actually are before making a headfirst plunge into a life of marriage. If this is the case, a Wedding Planner will be of no help to them whatsoever. The couple might as well call off the wedding if they're unsure of each other.

Take time and reflect on these pros and cons before deciding on hiring a Wedding Planner. Hiring a planner can take away a lot of the stress when planning for a wedding, but comes at a cost. If you can't afford a planner, you can always scale back and plan for a simple but intimate wedding.

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