Printing Business Materials? Use This Primer to Guide You.

printingPromotional materials and items that you use within your business and office are essential for running a company. However, one of the biggest costs businesses usually have is printing fees, especially if they do a lot of outside marketing and need quality brochures and materials.

Taking the printing into your own hands can be a cost-effective way to get it done, and manage it on your time schedule. It isn't quite that easy though since printing your business materials with the equipment you already have just isn't going to work. You're going to need to make a serious investment in print technology for your office.

If you're thinking about taking on your own printing in-office, use this guide to guide you. You may find it's exactly what your company needs to be doing, and you could kick yourself because you aren't doing it already!

How Much Do You Print?

Before you start buying printing materials that could easily cost you more than $10,000, you really do need to consider how much you print on a yearly basis. If your overall printing costs are over that baseline figure of about $10,000, buying your own equipment probably makes sense. After all, you'll own the printing equipment instead of simply handing money to a printer. Over time, that's going to save you some serious cash.

However, if you don't do more than that amount of printing each year, buying may not make sense for you - at least not yet.

Printing Duties

Another thing to consider when you start buying printing equipment is that somebody is going to have to run it. For the most part, you probably already have somebody on your team who can handle the job or at least set the stuff you'll need up and teach you how to use it.

Still, you will have to actually do the printing, and that can be a big job for a lot of people, especially if you're already busy with lots of other tasks. You may even need to hire somebody to do your printing for you, and that can run up costs even further.

Before you make the investment, just make sure that time isn't going to be a problem or that it's worth hiring somebody to do the work for you.

What Should I Buy?

Knowing what type of printing equipment to buy is very difficult for most people and business owners. You'll see lots of ads online that tell you to ‘click here' for printing solutions perfect for every business, but the truth is that every business needs something different.

When you're getting ready to buy, make sure you do your research. Talk to your IT department and the company you're buying from before shelling out a large amount of cash to make sure the equipment fits your needs.

If you have any questions, please ask below!