Mistakes when Choosing a Line Marking Service

line-marking-australiaLine marking not only enables your parking lot to look good and making parking easier for your customers / clients but it also reduces the risk of accidents. Many people make the mistake of assuming that just about anyone with a paint brush can draw a few lines in the parking lot and then refresh them every few months. Yes even though anyone can draw lines there are few people who know exactly how to draw lines of the right color, the right paint, the right size and with the right warnings. In some states there are certain regulations for these lines and getting them wrong may mean that you are fined.

So, to start off with you always should hire a professional service to do this for you. Below we look at five other mistakes that people make when hiring a line marking service.line_marking

Mistake no. 1: Basing their decision on price

If you are just going to base your decision on price you may end up with the cheapest service which is not necessarily the best. Many times new services will price themselves lower than others in order to attract attention. However, since these services do not have the required experience they are bound to be mistakes. If you’re going to hire a cheap service you are perhaps better off hiring someone with basic painting experience to do the job for you. The decision to hire should be based on the quality of the work you see.

Mistaken no. 2: Not checking previous work

Like every other job in the service industry you need to know that the person or team you are hiring have done a good job before. In the line marking service industry you may want to check up on previous clients of the service. If you don’t take this one little step you’ll never know what you can expect. Ask the service to provide you with a list of the other jobs they have done around the area, then visit those places and take a look at the quality of the work which was done. Also speak to the owner to find out how good the service was.

Mistake no. 3: Not asking for a warranty

Many people think that a line marking service’s job is to just mark the lines around their parking lot and walk away. Unfortunately, if that were the case then high quality services wouldn’t be charging extra for using high quality paint and a host of other accessories to make your parking lot much easier to park in. If you don’t inquire about a warranty then chances are that you may need to get your parking lot remarked a few months later. This is obviously going to be very expensive. Make sure that you ask the service to provide you with a warranty period within which if the lines wear off you can ask them to fix the situation. This will save you from having to get it done and pay for it multiple times a year.

Mistake no. 4: Not asking for suggestions

A good line marking service would have been involved in hundreds of such projects over the years. Their experience is enough to tell them if simply a few lines will be enough or if there needs to be something extra like parking bumps and reflectors installed. If you don’t ask many of these services will not try to oversell you anything. But if you do ask they should be able to provide you with some valuable suggestions which especially come in handy when it comes to parking at night.

Mistake no. 5: Paying upfront

Never pay for a service until it has been delivered is the most basic rule of business. You should only pay the line marking service when they have completed the job and you’ve verified that the job is done properly. Companies like CJJ Services (a line marking in Melbourneservice) may not have to be so closely monitored but they also don’t insist on upfront payment, since they have been doing this for a very long time and understand that it is unprofessional. But with every other service you need to be careful.

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