Mistakes Made When Hiring a Translation Agency

It does not matter if you are a first timer or avail interpreting services regularly. Hiring a translation firm can be confusing under any circumstances. It's no surprise that while looking for the ‘perfect' agency, many hirers end up making erroneous choices, thus failing the results that they wanted. It's on your part to take care that you do not end up committing such mistakes ever.

These are 6 guidelines that will help you to seek a professional rendering company.

First mistake: Setting Insufficient time for deadline

Often, when a client wants his project done as early as possible, they give totally unrealistic time limit to the appointed rendering agency. What they forget is "Rome was not built in a day". It takes time to create something beautiful and attractive. In this case maintain same aura of the original document. First you have to think of the time you took to familiar with it and then consider how long it should take someone to translate it in other languages with the same content, register, specialized terminology and product quality while keeping the reputation of your firm same.

Second mistake: Believing in the agencies who says time does not matter

Research says that an interpreter can translate about 2000 to 4000 words per day. So be careful of the agencies that claim to make the task in fewer days. Be sure that they take care of the project and do their work properly. Otherwise the job will be done no doubt, but at the same time the quality will be poor. There are steps that a professional translator takes. Make sure they complete each and every one of them. On the other hand a professional will tell you when the time is too short for the job. They will take the time which is least needed and produce good rendering.

Third mistake: Not appointing the agencies that have local interpreters

Take this example. Consider two translators- one from Quebec who speaks French and an interpreter who lives in France. French is native tongue of both. But if you compare their rendering you will find the French used some terms that seemed wrong or unusual to an audience of Quebec. A firm who has local translator understands these dialect differences well and hence, the work they will render is trustworthy. So you can see there are such projects which are preferable with local translator for intended audiences.

Fourth mistake: Selecting a firm for its many offices or outlook

A bigger company always has more rules and regulations than a smaller firm. A well branded agency is bounded in it. On the contrary a small firm tries to be more flexible and nimble to meet one's requirement. It is strange that a grown company stays under a lot of pressure which ultimately causes many drawbacks such as poor quality at rendering.

Fifth mistake: Not hiring a firm that ho offers money back guarantee

There are a number of interpreting services that offer a money refund if the work lacks quality. Money back guarantee means both that firm is very serious about their work as well as will take good care of yours too. It is an advantage if anything go wrong or the outcome is not acceptable then you can claim the money you have paid advance. It lowers the chances of getting cheated.

Sixth mistake: Not having a clear view of your deal

Just like other service businesses, interpreting service also deal in various levels of service and quality. It does not matter if you are a first timer or a regular client you have to have a clear idea of the service you are currently dealing with. Do not hold back your queries. They are obliged to inform you about everything. It will help you in many cases. On other hand not knowing may cause your downfall.

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