London Service Companies are Experiencing Increased Demand

beautiful-living-roomThe London based companies that have traded successfully through some difficult years are now experiencing increased demand for their services. Plumbers that can install maintain and repair central heating systems are finding their skills being requested throughout their locality. They are happy to be busy and consolidate the reputation they previously established.

More housing required

The increase in property prices in London (watch the video at the end of the article) has meant that builders can expect the value of their new builds to grow as well. Bellway recently announced that sales of exclusive Chelsea apartments at an average of £700,000, including two at over £1m had led to their overall average selling price rising to £205,000 countrywide. The Government's initiative to support consumers looking to get on to the property ladder has certainly helped the market overall.

London is pushing ahead strongly whilst builders are being urged to satisfy the housing shortage throughout the country. This is the issue that the Labour opposition is focusing on suggesting that without urgent initiatives the country could be 2m homes short by the end of the decade. Within Greater London demand for housing is bound to continue to rise given the economic activity within the capital.

Tradesmen are ready

More home building is certainly good news for the construction sector and all the trades that are involved in the completion of a house. Carpenters and electricians, decorators and plumbers all have a role to play. Experienced service companies are certain to benefit not only from the increase in building but also the number of renovations and improvements that householders are planning now that the economy is recovering.

Home improvements are an alternative to actually moving house. It may involve actually extending a home or merely improving kitchen, bathroom or central heating systems. When it comes to boiler installation in London, companies that have established a reputation over recent years will be happy to provide a quotation for any such work.

Energy efficiency

Depending upon the choice of company it may be that it can offer such things as energy-efficient under floor heating and solar panels. There is no doubt that the issue of rising utility bills has focused more people's minds on the most energy efficient way to run their homes. Whatever jobs are done should be covered by proper certification and guarantee. It's worthwhile finding out about how to reduce your domestic energy consumption, and a good local company should be able to advise based on your particular property.

It certainly does no harm at all to enter a maintenance and service agreement to stretch beyond any guarantee period on new installation. It means that winter temperatures outside should not really affect the house and its occupants. A company that has mobile plumbers ready to respond to calls will provide a further back up in the event of an emergency.

After a few years where demand in a sectors has been depressed it is certainly nice to see the upturn and the suggestion that it will continue.


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