Keeping Your Packages Safe On The Move

movingIf you're running a small e-commerce site that utilizes delivery services to move your products from one place to another, you may have encountered a few missing parcels or broken ones that needed to be replaced. Replacing these items can lead to loss in profit especially when those items are not covered by insurance. For small businesses, even the tiniest sale can help drive your profits to a more pleasing status.

Shipping and handling is crucial for small businesses who are operating through e-commerce sites. It is important to ensure your packages arrive safe at the homes of your customers. Here are a few ways to ensure that your packages are safe while they are on the move.

Pack It Well

Packing the products well ensures that they will arrive at their destination in one piece. Try and pack the products using only the best materials that you can find. Using Styrofoam or bubble wrap can help, but sometimes it's not enough to withstand the harsh conditions that occur during the shipment process. Make sure that the packaging suits the product that you're shipping. For gadgets, you may choose to include air packets to make sure that the product remains intact, it's also more environmentally-friendly than shaved Styrofoam.


If you pack your items well, you can also gain the trust of your customers as people take these small things in consideration. A pleasing experience of your service increases the chance of them returning to do further business with you.

Go with Reputation

Another tip that can help is to go with reputable shipping companies that offer high quality services in a jiffy. While the regular post options that we have in the country is enough, time-dependent products need to be shipped fast and safely. Reputable delivery services like UPS and FedEx provide the right security for the items that they ship. It's also better to present different shipping options to your customers. Even though the price for reputable companies can be more expensive, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your product will reach its destination at the time specified.

Track It Good

Instead of having customers call your business to ask the destination of the package that you've sent, you can just forward them to the company's site that shipped the product. Getting less queries about the shipping process allows you to allot more time in other aspects of the business. Many reputable delivery services provide convenient tracking numbers that you can share with your customers. These tracking numbers are useful in determining the exact location of your product. It also gives you a look into the details and specifics about the delivery schedule.

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