Is there any risk to hire a freelance translator?

As a client or an organization, there are several requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to get the work done easily and also in an orderly manner. Especially if your company involves the hiring of freelancers in the areas of transcription, translation, or from any other sectors in the freelance industry, it becomes extremely difficult to get the right resources.

The freelance industry is competitive and also extremely vast. You can find a lot of people with multi-skills because for a freelancer to survive, it is important to develop different skill sets. Due to this, getting the right resource can be challenging but certainly not impossible if you follow certain techniques that are mentioned in the below points of this article. Also, hiring a freelancer is certainly risky, but, all those risks can be easily tackled when you follow a procedural method during the hiring process. Learn more about those aspects as you read through!

  1. Freelancers are not bound by any contract

Hiring freelancers can become risky, mainly because of contract reasons. For instance, if you want to hire someone on a full-time basis for your organization, you might have to take them through a complete round of interviews and give them an offer letter that would be authorized by the higher management.

The offer letter would have its own terms and conditions, and as an employee, it becomes the responsibility to abide by all those things without fail. However, this particular rule is completely eliminated in the freelance industry, and as there is no concept of any contract or legal documents, it becomes extremely challenging to hire freelancers as it is totally based on trust.

  1. Time management skills

A lot of people choose the freelance industry as they do not like to stick to any particular time. The assignment given to them can be delivered at any point in time, and most of the freelancers start developing the habit of poor time management skills due to which your projects on the freelance translation jobs can get affected.

These issues are bound to happen by freelancers that are new in the industry. This can be another major risk factor that you must certainly learn to overcome when you start working with freelancers.

  1. Commitment

You cannot expect any sort of serious commitment from a freelancer. Freelancers are least committed because they believe in absolute freedom and as a client if you start liking the translation work submitted by them, you might be looking forward to hiring them for another project. But, it is quite difficult to find the same individual again as they might not be interested in working on a similar assignment or due to other commitments and priorities that they have.

  1. Rates

Some of the freelance translators charge exorbitantly for each and every assignment, and that can be way beyond your budget. As they are not bound by any contract, they would deny submitting the work without prior payment, and this can again turn out to be one of the greatest risks that you must take.

  1. They can be disorganized

You certainly can’t expect the same levels of organizing skills from a freelancer as you expect from a full-time employee. For a freelancer, it is all about the completion of the task, and they do not worry about the ways that they follow to reach their goal. Therefore, there are chances of a freelancer assigning the work taken from you to somebody else as well, and this can become quite tricky to handle as the quality of the work might get affected.

  1. They may not be available when you want

Despite giving repeated business and also working constantly with a freelancer, you cannot expect them to be available whenever you want to. A freelancer would always work depending upon their priority and their choice of time and they can take a break whenever they want to.

You can never keep a piece of work exclusively to them by relying upon their commitment or availability. This is yet another risk factor that you must be ready to take when you’re planning to hire a freelancer for your assignment.

  1. Experience issues

It becomes highly difficult for you to differentiate between the profiles that you find on the freelance websites. There are several ways to treat the system and create a fake profile and since you will not have any opportunity to check for the background or the relevant experience of a freelancer, working with individuals like these can really be a great risk because they may not be able to fulfil the project requirement.

All these risk factors can be handled in a professional manner if you conduct a proper and organized interview even when you are hiring freelancers. As a client, you can also introduce a legal contract in order to keep the freelancers committed and get the work done on time.

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